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Ford F-150 Lightning, Cybertruck anti-Tesla electric pick-up is born: starts at $ 38,000 and can power your home

Ford F-150 Lightning, Cybertruck anti-Tesla electric pick-up is born: starts at $ 38,000 and can power your home

Can an icon of world motoring be totally renewed without making fans scream scandal? Usually the answer is no, but here we are faced with one of the very few exceptions: he was born Ford F-150 Lightning, the electric version of the legendary American pick-up, America’s best-selling vehicle for decades. But it’s not just an electric F-150, it’s also a ‘complete and very interesting zero-emission car. Let’s find out all the secrets of this new F-150 Lightning, from the name to the batteries up to the possibility of power your home.

Ford F-150 Lightning is born: an apt name with a lot of history

Let’s start immediately with the analysis of the name, Lightning. For the uninitiated, the Ford F-150 is not only America’s best-selling pickup, it is also America’s best-selling vehicle since 1981, and the world’s best-selling pickup since 1973. A model that is reductive to define successful: Ford F-150 is an American symbola true icon of motoring and of the stars and stripes way of life in general.

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Born in 1948, the F-Series pickup series has had well 14 generationswhich have gone from being simple work vehicles to real vehicles for the whole family, with luxurious versions, equipped and even variants sports. Today, enthusiasts all over the world know the F-150 Raptor, the very bad pick-up with over 450 HP delivered by its 3.5 V6 EcoBoost biturbo, capable of combining surprising performance on the road with extraordinary off-road capabilities.

However, the Raptor is not the first high-performance F-150, quite the opposite. This first goes to the Ford F-150 Lightning first generation, date of birth 1993. Equipped with a “only” 240 HP 5.8 V8 Windsor engine, sportier suspension, rear-only drive and 4-speed automatic transmission, it was certainly not a purebred sports car, but with the typical F-150 practicality it offered good performance and a fun guide, set up by the 3 times Formula 1 World Champion Jackie Stewart among others.

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Definitely better and sportier is there‘Second series F-150 Lightning, born in 1999. The gearbox remains a simple 4-speed automatic, but comes a new 5.4-liter V8 from the Triton family, also equipped with an Eaton supercharger. The result? 360 hp and 600 Nm of torquethen increased to 380 hp in 2001, discharged to the ground by the rear wheels only via a mechanical self-locking differential. The Ford F-150 Lightning was the best-selling of the high-performance pickupschallenged by the Chevrolet Silverado SS and the insane Dodge Ram SRT-10 with the Viper 8.4 V10 engine. The Lightning went out of production definitively in 2004, and was replaced only in 2012 by the more off-road Raptor.

The mechanics of Ford F-150 Lightning: totally new chassis, 570 HP and independent suspension

Today, however, the name Lightning returns. A tribute to the sporty version of the F-150, a reference to electricity with the “lightning” but also one statement of the incredible performance of this pickup. Ford F-150 Lightning has in fact been made official for now with a single, powerful powertrain. The engines on board the F-150 Lightning are in fact two, one per axle, and develop a total power of 570 hp it’s a monstre torque of 1,050 Nm.

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Performance? We have no details regarding the weight, but in any case this “beast” is capable of sprint from 0 to 100 km / h in 4 secondsan incredible time for such a bulky vehicle. Traction is obviously integral, and at Ford they were not satisfied with modifying the body of the F-Series family to make it electrifiable. The technicians of Dearborn they have in fact made a dedicated chassis designed from the ground up to house the batteries. These are housed in one high strength steel structure different from other F-150s, protected by a waterproof and liquid-cooled shell.

The bodyworkas on the other 14th generation F-150s, it is entirely in aluminum to contain the weights, while the biggest surprise comes from suspensions. In fact, at the rear appear some brand new independent suspensions. Why this choice? The classic rear leaf springs have not been adopted, which ensure great towing and loading capacities, to “maximize performance on the road”.

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We haven’t talked about it yet, but aesthetically it is identical to the other F-150s except for some details. Massive, huge, aggressive and menacing, the F-150 is the symbol of US-made pickups, a real tough guy. The differences with the other F-150s can be seen in the Lightning name on the body, the front light bar that combines the LED headlights and the charging socket on the front wheel arch. Then the front grille stands out, huge and aggressive, but totally faired.

Load, tow and work with the electric F-150

Despite the electric powertrain and independent rear suspension, the F-150 Lightning confirms one load capacity of over 900 kg and towing capacity of over 4500 kg. This towing capacity is available on XLT and Lariat models equipped with the Max Trailer package, and the high-capacity battery. Staying under the load, the Ford F-150 Lightning surprises up front. Do you remember the fairing grille and the long front hood? Although they don’t hide a V8 engine, they hide a small, indeed, a big secret: under the “hood” there is not an engine, but a load compartment.

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And not a small space as we are used to in Europe. Thanks to the very compact components of the front electric motor, in fact, Ford F-150 Lightning offers a “Frunk”or a front trunk in jargon, of over 400 liters. This is then equipped with USB and 12 Volt charging sockets but also with classic 2.3 kW household sockets, capable of power tools, machinery or objects during business or leisure use of this electric pick-up. Combining the power of the 2.3 kW sockets in the front compartment and those in the body, on the “hard” versions XLT and Lariat F-150 it can offer a9,6 kW power supply using all sockets at the same time.

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Autonomy, batteries and recharging: up to 480 km and 8 hours of home charging

Let’s move on to one of the fundamental details of an electric pick-up: batteries and charging. Ford has not yet declared the kWh capacity of its F-150 Lightning’s batteries, but has let us know that it will offer two different battery “cuts”. The “base“Offers, with the 570 hp powertrain, a ‘autonomy of about 230 miles, or 370 km measured in the American EPA cycle. Instead the high-capacity version mentioned above has a range of 300 miles, or 480 km.

Charging is possible via domestic socket, via the interesting Ford Power Station Pro wallbox installable at home and with the fast charging up to 150 kW. At home, with the Power Station Pro, the F-150 Lightning goes from 15 to 100% in one night, 8 hoursand recharges 48 km every hour. With fast charging, on the other hand, the F-150 goes from 15 to 80% in just 40 minutes.

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The recharge can be managed and set from the Ford Pass App or from thehuge 15.5 inch vertical tablet present in the center of the dashboard to control the entire pick-up, from infotainment to charging. This is taken from the Ford Mustang Mach-Ethe first fully electric Ford of which you can find our test at the bottom of the page.

The goodies of Ford F-150 Lightning: OTA updates and turns into generator for the home

Ford F-150 Lightning has so far turned out to be powerful, fast, practical and complete. However, the Ford pickup has some huge tricks up its sleeve, starting with the Ford Power-Up system. We told you about this system in detail in a dedicated article a few days ago, but in short it is the Ford’s wireless update service. Through the Power-Up service, it will be possible sload Over The Air new features, infotainment software improvements and batteries, and more.

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An example of the features that Ford Power-Up can install? BlueCruise, aka Ford’s Adaptive Super-Cruise Control, debuts on the F-150 Lightning. This system complements the Ford Co-Pilot360, and offers a semi-autonomous driving “without hands” currently usable on selected American and Canadian roads. We are talking about 160,000 km of roads equipped with the appropriate traffic and flow management requirements, and which are growing visibly. On these roads, the F-150 Lightning maintains the pace, steering, brake and safety systems on its own. Incredible!

But the F-150 Lightning’s goodies don’t stop there. An electric platform also allows theenergy integration not only with cars, but with entire infrastructures like… your home. Indeed Ford F-150 Lightning is equipped with the system Ford Intelligent Backup Power: it is a bidirectional charging system of the “V2H” type, vehicle to home. With this system, integrated into the Ford Power Station Pro wallbox, the F-150 Lightning can transform into an emergency power generator.

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Connected to the home mains and with charged battery, The F-150 is able to keep an entire house running “with a large refrigerator,” reports Ford, for a whopping 3 days without giving up. And if the family decided to sip the use of electricity, the autonomy would reach a whole week. When the connection to the electricity grid is re-established, the F-150 goes back to recharging itself and not giving up energy to the house.

The price of the Ford F-150 Lightning is rock-bottom: it starts at $ 38,000. On sale from 2022, but not in Europe

This and more is what the Ford F-150 Lightning offers. A truly complete electric pickupwhich with an aesthetic and offer in terms of space and practicality identical to that of a classic thermal or hybrid F-150, but with zero emissions, with sports performance and the ability to power home.

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Unfortunately, F-150 Lightning like all other versions of F-150 will not officially arrive in Europe. Too bad, because the price declared by Ford is nothing short of surprising: we are talking about a starting base of 38,000 dollars, equal to about 31,000 euros. It will be available in 4 set-upsand the launch will arrive already in spring 2022. A truly competitive price, which combined with the popularity of a beloved model and very interesting features could undermine the virtual primacy of Tesla Cybertruck as an electric pick-up to have. And you? What do you think? Would you like to see F-150 Lightning in Italy? Let us know in the comments!

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