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  5. For the ninth consecutive year, Apple is the best brand according to Interbrand

For the ninth consecutive year, Apple is the best brand according to Interbrand

For the ninth consecutive year, Apple is the best brand according to Interbrand

Also for 2021, Apple tops Interbrand’s list of best brands worth $ 408.6 billion.

Apple is worth $ 408.6 billion

Punctual as every year, the global brand consulting firm Interbrand has compiled the list of the most precious brands of 2021. And, punctual as every year, in first place is Applewith a brand value of 408.6 billion dollars. That’s a staggering figure, a 26% increase from last year’s performance. In fact, in 2020 the Apple brand was only evaluated 323 billion dollars.

They will have to settle Amazon And Microsoft, which finished in second and third place respectively. Appleinsider.com reports that the Jeff Bezos was rated 248 billionwhile Microsoft 210 billion. There are instead off the podium Google And Samsung, which thus close the list of the 5 most precious brands of the year according to Interbrand. Looking ahead, the sum of the ratings of Apple, Amazon and Microsoft represents the 62.3% of the total value of the top ten brands on the list.

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Here’s how the Interbrand report describes Cupertino’s growth:

“The diversification process was important. Even in healthcare – with the Apple Watch now capable of measuring blood oxygen levels – and in entertainment subscription services. Plus the cloud for data storage and music. The brand continued to stay close to customers and continues to find strong online retail solutions despite the complications caused by the pandemic. Ultimately, Apple demonstrates its commitment to providing the consumer with a simple and seamless experience. All of this is reflected in this significant 26% increase in brand value ”.

Interbrand makes its assessments taking into account a variety of internal and external subjective factors. Among these we find the leadership, involvement and relevance. According to the company “Strong brands exert an influence on consumers, create a loyal following, attract and retain employees”

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Interbrand data from the past few years shows us the inexorable rise of the Big Bitten Apple. Apple began in 2012 to overtake brands such as McDonalds and GE, and in 2013 even outclassed CocaCola.