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For The King is back available for free on the Epic Game Store

For The King is back available for free on the Epic Game Store

It has been a while since we brought you one of the free titles from the Epic Game Store, but here we are with something really striking this time around. Starting at 5:00 pm today, and until February 11th, you can redeem For The King free, one of the most popular indie titles for classic RPG fans.

Not surprisingly, the game was already available for free in April 2020, but now it returns to the platform to meet the demands of the public. For this reason, we’re pretty sure it needs no introduction, but we still want to give you an idea of ​​what to expect once you’ve redeemed the title.

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For The King free on the Epic Game Store

“For The King is a compelling mix of strategy, turn-based combat and roguelike elements. Each game is unique, thanks to procedural maps, missions and events. Explore Fahrul in single player, local co-op or online mode “. So Epic Game Store describes the new free title of the week. A Role playing game with rounds of fighting, reminiscent of the “Dungeons & Dragons” mode, were it not for the super colorful graphics that can’t help but draw attention. You can choose whether to face new challenges and adventures every day in mode single-player or multi-playerbut what matters is that you can do it by redeeming the game for free.

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Such as? Simply by visiting the official site of the Epic Game Store, within which you will find a section dedicated to free games. Here you will also find For The King. It will only take you a few moves to redeem it without spending a single Euro, which means that it is you will find in your library from now on. Whenever you decide to challenge yourself, your game will be there waiting for you. And it’s not cheap. Remember that the offer will expire next Thursday, so we suggest you redeem it now or put yourself a reminder.