For the first time Apple overtakes Microsoft in market capitalization

It was only a matter of time, what everyone had been predicting for months finally happened: for the first time in history Apple has overtaken Microsoft in capitalization on the American stock marketthat is to say that at the moment the value of Apple on the market is higher than that of Microsoft, precisely as I write these lines Apple is worth around $222 billion and Microsoft is worth $219 billion.

“Very well, but what does that mean? » some may ask. Well, while the data is good news for Apple, it doesn't mean Microsoft is bankrupt or anything like that, as many are commenting. We cannot forget that we are talking about the stock market which is “a world apart” and something which is very changeable. The company that is at the top today, tomorrow, for whatever reason, may find itself at the bottom.

Despite what has been said stock market figures are a good indicator of trends and in my opinion, along with many others, there are two conclusions we can draw. On the one hand that Apple's strategies are working and on the other hand that Microsoft should « return to the fold » and concentrate and not try to compete on all fronts. While Apple has clearly opted for one line (offering a full choice of hardware plus software), Microsoft has been stumbling for some time and wants to play in all areas.

It is true that for any business it is vital to diversify its sources of income, but it is one thing and another to hit absolutely all the sticks. Apple has chosen a path, which may go well or badly for you, but what surely doesn't work is claiming to be a leader in all areas of hardware and software. Microsoft remains the undisputed leader in various areas of software (operating systems and office automation, for example), they should concentrate all their efforts on that and stop Zunes, Kins (here I am ******** up the same thing, sales data is not not yet known for the new Microsoft terminals and maybe they work well) and other things they don't get good results with.

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Finally, I would like to clarify one thing, mainly to stop as much of the confusion that many sow as I mentioned above: neither Apple is the new global technology leader, nor Microsoft falls into ****. Just right now, things are going a little better for Apple than for Microsoft, a situation that will likely change in a short time. Well, maybe in a short time the iPhone 4G hasn't been released yet and when that happens we'll see another rebound in Apple stock.

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