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For the first time, a tourist will go on a spacewalk

For the first time, a tourist will go on a spacewalk

Space Adventuresa company dedicated to space tourism, will bring two people on board the International Space Station In the 2023 and will set a new record, allowing one of them to make one spacewalk.

Space Adventures aims for the tourist spacewalk

The launch, scheduled as mentioned above in 2023, will be carried out aboard a Soyuzthe spacecraft of the Russian space agency Roscosmos until now also used by astronauts to reach theISS.

This experience will follow that of two other Soyuz already booked for 2021 for tourism purposes. However, it will differ from these in that it allows one of the two paying passengers to carry out during the 14 days of permanence provided, one spacewalk, usually reserved for astronauts for repair operations. The tourist will still be accompanied by professional astronauts throughout the experience.

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“We have signed a contract with Energia which will allow two people to visit the ISS for 14 days and now we will move to identify and agree with customers “he said Stacey Tearne, Space Adventures spokesperson, to the site Space.com “During their stay, one of the participants will have the opportunity to take a space walk”

A natural continuation of space tourism

It is not the first time that Space Adventure has taken ‘civilians’ into space. In the period between 2001 and the 2009in fact, well seven paying people they visited the space station. However, this is a service reserved only for those who can afford it. The cost of each flight is in fact between 20 ei 35 million dollars. Furthermore, since 2006, the agency has made available for 15 million additional, the opportunity to take a spacewalk of 90 minutes. It is only in the 2023however, that this possibility will be exploited for the first time.

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We do not yet know if this record will be a decisive step towards the spread of space tourism. However, it remains a historic event, which in 2023 (hopefully) we could follow live.