Flash: the micro-mobility company becomes Circ!

Let's get back to talking about micro-mobility, a sector that has continued to grow in recent years, with many incredible developments and new realities which are born and develop in a very short time. Among these it certainly deserves a special place Flash. The company made one million electric scooter trips in just four and a half months, a record for the sector. And to celebrate it, given the Future expansion in other countries new brand is coming for the company i.e. Circ.

Circ, the new name of the Flash company

Behind the creation of this new brand lies the desire to recall the rims of electric scooter personalized, but also the circuit, which connects people and paths reliably. Among the concepts of the new brand, there is also that of circularity of service. The vehicles are designed specifically for constant use, with continuous passage from one person to another.

Carlos Bholaco-founder of the company, said:

“We wanted an identity that truly represents us and our vision focused on safer, more sustainable and interconnected transportation; a name that best reflects our approach to connecting people and communities. The partnerships we build locally and globally underline our commitment to quality and collaboration with the cities in which we operate. “

He joined Lukasz Gadokwsialso co-founder of Flash (soon Circ):

“Our first few months have flown by and now it’s time to focus on the next stage of our growth. This week we will be the first to launch in Germany and we are already committed to working with municipal authorities across Europe. We are building a responsible European micro-mobility company.”

What if instead of complaining we stop using Flash?

The company, which will debut in Germany, first in the micro-mobility sector, it has achieved several important milestones in recent months. Among these, we find the collaboration with Swiss Federal Railways for integration between the two services, the first case of partnership between a company in this sector and a public operator. Not only that: this company is also the first in its field to join theInternational Union of Public Transporta global association dedicated to this field.

For more information about Flash (this will become Circ in the coming months) we will refer you to the official website.