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Five new free video games in May from Amazon Prime Gaming


Five new free video games in May from Amazon Prime Gaming

Amazon Prime Gaming announced the new ones games that will be available for free in May 2021. Following last month’s titles, which you can redeem until May 3, are five new games from Amazon Prime. But let’s start with order.

What is Amazon Prime Gaming?

You have never heard of Amazon Prime Gaming? Don’t panic. Let’s do a quick summary.

Prime Gaming is a service included with Amazon Prime offering free games and additional content for the most popular games of the moment. In addition you have:

All this by paying only the subscription to Amazon Prime. Still don’t have it? You can subscribe here.

The free games of May 2021 from Prime Gaming

The 5 free games of the month of May 2021 offered by Prime Gaming are:

Let’s find out what games we are talking about.


In this insane independent video game, we will run an equally bizarre condominium where roommates come and go. Our job as a good administrator is to keep the condos happy and the place clean, but that’s not all! We will have to peek, eavesdrop and install hidden cameras in apartments, profile people, and report anyone who violates state laws to the state.

You are not just a cog in the totalitarian mechanism! You can also choose to remain a human being capable of understanding. Will you denounce a father of a family and make his children orphans? Or will you pretend to ignore his illegal activities to give him a chance to make up for his mistakes? Or, will you choose to blackmail him, and earn the money your family needs?

Yoku’s Island Express

However, an ancient island deity is trapped in a restless sleep and it’s up to Yoku to cross the island to help those in trouble in a wonderful adventure with a unique gameplay that blends the dynamics of pinball, platform games and the exploration of new worlds.

It is totally different in nature Yoku’s Island Express, a fantastic open world video game that combines the mechanics of the genre with Pinball video games. You can seamlessly explore the colorful Mokumana Island amidst tropical beaches, lush jungles, snow-capped mountains, mysterious caves and steaming hot springs

Healer’s Quest

Healer’s Quest is a fun role-playing video game in which we will play the role of the class less appreciated by the party members of the classic RPGs, the curator. We will participate in an exciting quest together with a Tank, a fascinating Archer, a more than bizarre wizard and a violent Barbarian. As a good healer, it will be our job to keep our team alive, not too attentive to their lives.

At our disposal we will have 22 different spells to successfully upgrade your party to victory and skills and upgrades to suit any style of play.

Free Games May 2021: The Blind Prophet

The Blind Prophet is a Point’n’Click game in which you’ll play the apostle Bartholomeus in his divine mission: to free the corrupt city of Rotbork and challenge the Great Evil that lurks inside. This title inspires point and click game classes while offering totally innovative mechanics for the genre. Inspired by titles like Blade Runner, Broken Sword series or Gabriel Knight, the game builds its foundation on a strong storyline, a sense of fluidity and a dark yet pleasant atmosphere.

A Blind Legend

TO Blind Legend is the first video-free action-adventure game where ears replace eyes. The use of headphones is therefore mandatory and the game is designed for all blind gamers or those who want innovative gameplay. It is a hack-and-slash video game, with heroic-fantasy elements, which takes advantage of the innovative technology of binaural sound, which offers a compelling 3D soundscape and carries the characters and actions around the player, as if we were actually in the inside the game.