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Fitbit Versa 2 review: the smartwatch with Amazon Alexa

Fitbit Versa 2 review: the smartwatch with Amazon Alexa

After analyzing the potential of the Fitbit Versa Lite, we put the functionality of the new one to the test Fitbit Versa 2. What characterizes it? In addition to having the most common features in Fitbit devices, such as continuous heart rate detection, sleep score and many dedicated apps, this version is characterized by the presence of Amazon Alexa intregata. Let’s find out more!

Fitbit Versa 2 review

Fitbit Versa 2 is characterized by a design very similar to the younger brother Lite with interchangeable straps for any occasion. This version boasts a AMOLED touch-screen displaya solution that, together with the black screens of the watch faces, will allow you to make the frames, already rather thin, almost invisible.

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Another novelty of this Fitbit Versa 2 is the presence of a microphone which serves, among other things, to activate Amazon Alexa, great new-entry in the series. The thickness of the smartwatch has increased slightly to be able to insert this functionality and the always appreciated NFC dedicated to contactless payments. The change obviously does not affect daily use: the difference is minimal and the device remains light and elegant.

Few news regarding the UI that uses the same gestures of the previous version: by scrolling to the right we will have access to steps, beats per minute, hours of sleep and the results of our physical activity, while with a swipe towards the other we can view the messages received between various messaging applications such as Whatsapp And Telegram. By scrolling to the right, however, you can select thework out to follow. Unfortunately the number of options is not very high but it is possible to add new workouts through the dedicated app, such as bikes, swimming, weights, treadmills and much more.

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The functions of the Fitbit Versa 2

The smartwatch offe i typical services of a wearable, such as timer, alarm, weather, music and customizing settings. From the latter it is possible to choose brightness, screen timeout or activate thealways on display, one of the most requested functions especially during physical activity. These choices will obviously affect the battery life which, on average, has an autonomy of about 5-6 days. Also noteworthy is the presence of sleep mode not to make the device turn on inadvertently, prevent notifications from arriving and thus save battery consumption.

Obviously there is no shortage notifications, so you can see calls, emails, messages and communications of all kinds directly from your smartphone. You can also take advantage of the microphone to dictate a possible answer, so as not to be forced to use the smartphone.

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Me too’Fitbit application has undergone changes and improvements in physical activity, heart rate counts, sleep quality, calorie consumption and much more. The functions of the smartwatch can also be expanded via the store which, although not well-stocked, at least compared to the competition, has all the applications you will really need.

Instead we point out theabsence of GPS inside the device but not bad: if you want, you can in fact take advantage of the smartphone’s GPS to start, for example, a run or an excursion.




Free +

NFC and Alexa

As already mentioned, one of the main novelties of this Fitbit Versa 2 is the presence of Amazon Alexa. In fact, it is possible to press the single side button to activate the Amazon assistant, assistant that it will not respond to our requests vocally but through visual input as the device does not have a speaker. Of course, you can ask Alexa for anything, from the weather to the control of smart home devices.

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Another extremely useful novelty, as mentioned initially, is the presence of the NFC technology to be able to make payments directly from your smartwatch. Fitbit Versa 2 integrates indeed Fitbit Paycurrently compatible with a handful of credit cards.

Fitbit Versa 2 review: buy it or not?

With 199.99 euros you bring home a device with a great AMOLED display, improved fitness features and the ability to use Alexa. In addition, you have a battery that lasts almost a week, a rarity now among smartwatches of this kind.

Defects? A speaker is missing that would have simplified the use of the voice assistant and the management of calls and yes, Fitbit Pay needs some more attention, but we guarantee that you can do without the former while for digital payments we expect the ” addition of new compatible banks and cards in the coming months.

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Fitbit Versa 2