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Fitbit launches Versa 2, the premium smartwatch with integrated Amazon Alexa

Fitbit launches Versa 2, the premium smartwatch with integrated Amazon Alexa

Fitbit presents Pour 2, successor to its best-selling smartwatch, Fitbit Versa. The new Smartwatch, in addition to the classic peculiarities that distinguish Fitbit products, presents a series of innovative features that will certainly stimulate the curiosity of all those who organize their day in the name of a healthy and balanced life.

Versa 2, the importance of sleep for a healthy life

In addition to its unmistakable design of the highest quality and water resistance, the new Pour 2 includes several innovative features, such as the sleep monitoring eg. In fact, Fitbit, by processing the various data deriving from over 10.5 billion nights of sleep monitored to innovate this fundamental aspect of health, has created a series of functions that will help you better understand and improve your rest:

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Other innovative convenience: Amazon Alexa and Spotify

Pour 2 includes a built-in microphone and introduces for the first time ever Amazon Alexa on a smartwatch, in addition toSpotify app which allows users to control music and podcasts. Thanks to its advanced functions, you will be able to lead a more active lifestyle; for example, you can talk to your smartwatch to start a Fitbit workout from your wrist or find the nearest gym. Just press a button and speak to activate Alexa skills on Versa 2 and use voice control wherever and whenever you want. Alexa responds to voice commands with discreet and silent text responses On-Screen Display Alexa can also help you with practical everyday features, such as setting alarms and timers, keeping an eye on the weather and catching up on the news or controlling your smart home devices. The Spotify app allows you to control song playback, edit playlists, add songs to your favorites, and easily change the output device without missing a single note. The ability to control Spotify from your Fitbit will allow you to find all the motivation you need, with your favorite music.

Versa 2, a functional design created for everyone

“At Fitbit, we believe that health belongs to everyone and that people shouldn’t be excluded from accessing devices and features that can help them improve their well-being because of the price,” he said. James Park, co-founder and CEO of Fitbit “That’s why we designed the Versa 2 to be a premium, comprehensive and easy-to-use smartwatch at an affordable price. Building on the success of the Versa predecessor, we believe the added value and innovation of the Versa 2, with new features like Alexa, the Spotify app, and advanced sleep features on the app and device, will bring even more users into the category. smartwatches, allowing them to understand and exploit the benefits of better physical fitness and personal well-being “.

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Pour 2 in fact, it offers many other practical features to help you simplify your day, such as Fitbit Pay, which allows you to pay easily and securely directly by touching your wrist to a contactless payment device. All essential smart features like smartphone notifications, so you can see call alerts, messages, calendar events and app notifications right on your wrist. If you have an Android phone, you can also use the new built-in microphone to send voice replies to messages and notifications from your smartwatch. Plus, you can choose from nearly 3,000 apps and clock faces to customize the stats to view and access the apps you need to keep everything in sight.

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Faster performance, more elegant design

Packed with advanced new features, Versa 2 also features an even faster processor than Versa to ensure better performance and a smooth, responsive browsing experience. In addition, it offers a display AMOLED wider with increased visibility and brighter colors, plus optional always-on screen mode with a battery of over 2 dayswhich will allow you to always keep an eye on all your stats without lifting your wrist or pressing any buttons.

Fitbit also announced Fitbit Premiuma subscription service in the Fitbit app that leverages your personal data to give you the most personal Fitbit experience ever, with personalized tips and tricks to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

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Versa 2, with a more advanced and modern design, is designed with light materials, refined finishes and renewed curves, which give the smartwatch an elegant style suitable for any occasion. The smartwatch is sturdy, yet still remains lightweight and comfortable to wear all day and overnight, thanks to the rounded corners and smooth, polished case. An anodized aluminum finish in natural tones gives a modern and sophisticated touch to the smartwatch, suitable for every style and outfit, and thanks to the linear design with a single button, the Versa 2 has the same elegance of a traditional timepiece.

Style and sophistication meet with the Versa 2 Special Edition, which includes a premium strap in navy and pink jacquard fabric with a pink copper aluminum case, or smoky gray with a fog gray case, plus a matching modern blue or olive green silicone strap, respectively, to change your style according to the occasion.

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Two exclusive editions, emerald green and plum, both with a pink copper case, are also only available on Fitbit.com and at select retailers.

Pour 2 is available on Fitbit.com, select online retailers, and in stores a € 199.99 in black with charcoal case, powder pink with pink copper aluminum case, and smoky gray with fog gray case; accessories are priced between € 29.90 And € 59.90. Versa 2 Special Edition is available at € 229.99 in navy blue and pink with pink copper aluminum case and smoky gray with fog gray case.

Fitbit Aria Air, the Bluetooth scale

By expanding the Fitbit Aria product family, Fitbit Aria Air is a Bluetooth scale that tracks weight and yes sync with the Fitbit app to calculate BMI, giving you a comprehensive overview of your trends over time as well as data on your activity, heart rate, sleep and nutrition in the Fitbit app. Integrated with the Fitbit software and device platform, Aria Air offers access to data, information and all the motivation to help you reach your health and fitness goals more effectively. all of course by sharing them through your Versa 2 smartwatch. Fitbit Aria Air will be available from mid October 2019 in black and white on Fitbit.com and at select retailers a € 59.95.