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Final Fantasy VII Remake is shown in action on Playstation 5

Final Fantasy VII Remake is shown in action on Playstation 5

Final Fantasy VII Remake is ready to make its debut on Playstation 5. The acclaimed title will be available starting next year June 10, 2021 with the name of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade. This is a graphically improved edition of the game that will also include a series of unreleased content, with a new episode and some additional gameplay elements that will enrich the gaming experience.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is coming to Playstation 5

From June 10, 2021 Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade will arrive on Playstation 5. The game will offer a better experience, compared to the counterpart for Playstation 4, and will add some additional elements. Players will be able to choose between the Graphics modeto give priority to 4K resolution, and the Performance modeto give priority to 60 fps.

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Also note that this edition of the game includes a unreleased episode with Yuffie as the protagonist and new gameplay elements. There is also the Photo modefully customizable, and the ability to use the DualSense wireless controller with support for haptic feedback.

Those who have the physical or digital version for Playstation 4 will be able to download the upgrade to Intergrade for Playstation 5 for free. However, the additional episode with Yuffie must be purchased separately. For more details you can take a look at official site of the game.

The game, in physical version, is already available for purchase on Amazon.

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The official video dedicated to game improvements

For a more precise idea about the improvements made by the Intergrade version for Playstation 5 you can take a look at official video below. The video shows us a comparison with the Playstation 4 version of the title.