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Few changes in the iPad Pro prepared for 2021

Few changes in the iPad Pro prepared for 2021

the ipadpro is becoming one of the flagship products of the Cupertino company’s catalogue, in fact it is focusing a lot of its efforts and its technology in order to make it a worthy successor to the MacBook range, something that contrasts quite a bit with the strong renovation of the processors and the entire operating scheme of the Mac.

However, the apple industry does not stop. New images warn minimal changes in the new iPad Pro that Apple is preparing for the year 2021. Everything points to the company continuing to bet on the tablet as the successor to the personal computer.

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This information has been shared by the media MySmartPrice and has shared what would be the design of the new 11-inch iPad Pro according to the renders, as the digital schemes with which the future is outlined are known product design through software tools.

This is completely consistent with the rumors that Apple will present two new iPad Pros in the first half of 2021, which will correspond to the 11-inch model and the 12.9-inch model. It is clear that the changes will be minimal and almost negligible, even in the rear camera module that has generated so much controversy lately.

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Apple continues to bet on increasingly smaller frames, which invites a lot on a tablet to end up using supports, although the support for iPadOS keyboards and mice already makes it quite nice. Therefore, we could say that the improvements expected for the iPad Pro in this coming generation of 2021 will be mainly the processor and the capacity, although we do not rule out that behind this design a MicroLED appears that opens our mouths to all and invite Apple to finally abandon LED screens, which being the best in the segment, are technologically one step behind andn some aspects.