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FBI resells the smartphones it spied on criminals


FBI resells the smartphones it spied on criminals

Last month the Federal Bureau of Investigation said it had sold hacked smartphones to many criminals, so you can hear their conversations. Today we discover that those smartphones were gods Pixel 3a and 4athat the FBI is reselling online.

FBI resells smartphones used to intercept criminals

The FBI created it specifically a fictitious company, which promised to sell ultra-secure smartphones for those who wanted maximum security. He knew that this feature would be of interest to many criminals and it did. On these smartphones he had installed an app called Anom, which promised to encrypt messages and make it impossible to discover the contents or senders of digital messages. Then the criminals organized their activities using the application. Providing the federal police with all the information to arrest them.

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With tons of digital evidence, FBI agents have made hundreds of arrests. But now that the deception is out, what to do with the phones? The federal police started sell them on sites like Craigslist right in the US. Without explaining their origin: many users bought them thinking they were Pixels at discounted prices.

VICE reached out to one of the buyers to find out more about these smartphones. Unlike regular Google Pixels, instead of Pixel UI they have a custom ROM called Arcane OS. A system that makes some of the pre-installed apps unusable: touching the Instagram icon, the reports did not see anything appear. The whole system only serves to give the idea of ​​a normal smartphone, when it is not.

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Opening the calculator opens the Anom app, where you can start chatting (greeting the FBI first, just to be courteous). In the quick settings found an option to reset the entire phone in no time. All to create fake security in criminals and get them to indict themselves using Anom.

Of course, the FBI could have at least reinstalled a working version of Android before selling these spy phones.