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FBI: Qanon’s “digital soldiers” can turn violent

FBI: Qanon’s “digital soldiers” can turn violent

L’FBI officially warned Washington that i “Digital soldiers” of the group of conspiracy theorists of Qanon could become violent even offline. A confirmation of the terrorist acts carried out with the assault on the US Capitol on January 6, when after a speech by Donald Trump some of his supporters (including some with symbols of Qanon) attacked the US democratic institutions.

FBI warns about possible Qanon violence

In Qanon’s conspiracy theories, a far-right online group that believes a group of democrats controls the government to continue trafficking in minors, in recent months the slogan was “trust the plan“. The plan extolled by Q, a user posing as a secret agent, provides that Donald Trump is put back in government after having all the Democrats involved in this conspiracy arrested. Pretending to lose the election was just a way to deceive the Democrats (it’s not clear how).

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All theories that could make you smile for their absurdity. Except that someone in the group is starting to get tired of “trusting the plan” and wanting to act. In a violent way, according to the FBI. The report by the US federal police agency highlights how the fact that none of Qanon’s predictions (Trump’s victory first, the Biden and Clinton trials later, and many other nonsense) came true did not cast a bad light on the movement. Indeed, it is even more determined. Enough to constitute a terrorist danger.

The FBI dossier, titled “Adherence to the Qanon Conspiracy Theory by violent domestic extremists“, Is directly linked to the assault on Congress on January 6. In fact it reads: “FBI has arrested over 20 Qanon exponents participated in the illegal and violent entry into the Capitol. These individuals were investigated for violent break-in. For disorderly conduct in a prohibited building and for obstruction of public offices “. The accusations therefore lack any reference to the fact that it is a terrorist act, which led to the deaths of some people. But the FBI seems to be investigating these suspects as if they were since you define them “domestic violent extremists“, A euphemism for“ nationalist terrorists ”.

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Now the ball goes to Congress, which must decide what measures to take to ensure the safety of all. The FBI will continue to investigate possible violent attacks by the group. We will keep you informed.