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Fashion overwhelms Animal Crossing New Horizons


Fashion overwhelms Animal Crossing New Horizons

One of the most popular features for fans of the series Animal Crossing it is the ability to create custom designs for decorate objects or pack clothes. Animal Crossing New Horizons is no exception and indeed makes it even easier share these designs through a alpha-numeric code. Both the most passionate fans and the various brand they have not missed the opportunity to make their models public on the Internet, with an infinite number of models to choose from to compose their own aesthetics. Let’s find out together some of the most beautiful designs available around!

How to get a design in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Before going into the list of the most beautiful designs, it is necessary to explain how redeem them in the game. There are first of all two types of codes available online: i QR code and the actual alphanumeric codes.

QR codes have been designed to allow players to New Leaf, the latest game in the first series of New Horizons, to transfer their design from the old to the new generation. However, a method of creating was soon discovered manually these QR Codes, with lots of dedicated sites, to bring even quite elaborate images into play, such as meme And drawings. These designs are only usable for decorating items, but are still fun and desirable. To get them you need to connect the app by phone Nintendo Switch Online to the game and use the mobile phone’s camera to scan the QR Codes.

The alphanumeric codes, the ones mentioned in this article, are instead the codes created within New Horizons both for patterns to decorate objects and for clothing. To share and get them you need to have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription and unlock the clothes shop Needle & Threadinside which there is a dedicated monitor to interface with the rest of the users.

The best codes for Animal Crossing New Horizons


From our island to yours ❤️? pic.twitter.com/eyNXwRzysP

– Xbox (@Xbox) April 10, 2020

Among the brands that have shared their design for clothing we find none other than Xbox, on Nintendo’s ‘rival’ card. A nice gesture of understanding between the two giants of the videogame industry to use maybe if you own both one Xbox One than a Nintendo Switch.

100 Thieves

As a thank you to all our fans who have shown us immense support these past years, we are releasing our entire apparel collection in Animal Crossing! #ACNH

We hope you enjoy these designs, tweet at us if you’re using them! pic.twitter.com/JuVDTZlnz1

– 100 Thieves (@ 100Thieves) April 6, 2020

Also the organization dedicated to fashion and gaming 100 Thieves shared his designs for Animal Crossing. Probably a consolation for all those who have not yet managed to get their hands on their clothing in real life, notoriously difficult to obtain given the speed with which they sell out.



The brand of streetwear And lifestyle Highsnobiety shared some of its designs from the line in Animal Crossing form ‘Inner Life‘and collaborations with Colette Mon Amour, L’As du Fallafel And Aries.

Instagram collector accounts


Following the release of the Animal Crossing New Horizons game, several Instagram accounts have sprung up to collect the most impressive examples of user-created clothing pieces with related codes. Many are inspired by real brands such as Gucci, Chanel, Supreme And Prada.


Among the various profiles we point out Animal Crossing Fashion Archive, animalcrossfits, Nook Street Market And crossingtherunwaybut it is very easy to find others that may be closer to your tastes.


The best fan designs

Where the brands do not reach, the passion of the people often arrives fan: in fact, an infinity of design inspired by characters from TV series, comics, movies and other products pop. Obviously, those that we will propose below will be only a small selection of our existing garments, but be sure that if what you are looking for is not here, somewhere on the Internet it surely exists! (and if it really doesn’t exist, then you can be the first to create it it’s at share it!)

I’ve been very much worried with playing Animal Crossing New Horizons; but as I am still very much into the Witcher as well, I designed a bunch of Witcher patterns! Have fun cosplaying Geralt of Rivia:>! # ACNHdesigns #acnhpatterns pic.twitter.com/OFqqw95FhX

– Anna Blume (@annablumedraws) April 5, 2020

This first design set, consisting of an island flag artwork, an armor sweater and a face make-up, will allow you to become a Geralt of Rivia of the videogame and television series The Witcher. The only care will be to match the hair and pants of the right color!

Carnage and Venom hats and hoods are done. Personally I think they look sick #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #marvel #qrcode #customclothing pic.twitter.com/LBCLEEKzrJ

-? Nnyraptor (@Nnyraptor) April 3, 2020

If, on the other hand, you were more interested in the Marvel, we have designs for you too! An example are these sets of hair + sweatshirt for Venom And Carnageor…

Some #Marvel themed Custom Designs, super proud of them! #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #IronSpider #IronMan #CaptainAmerica # WeLoveYou3000 pic.twitter.com/gP9l1ZKMqc

– Rodger IVotedBidenHarris Lecuivre (@RLecuivre) April 7, 2020

… These themed dresses Avengers! The customization possibilities are truly limitless!

Islander life! Moana & Maui dress designs are up:> #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons #ACNH #ACNHDesigns #AnimalCrossingDesigns pic.twitter.com/F7ZcTYaOMa

– Joday Wung (@nombody_) April 2, 2020

For all the Disney / Animal Crossing fans. A thread, #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons #AnimalCrossingDesigns #ACNHDesigns pic.twitter.com/hsg3PhosN6

– Gemma❤️ (@gemmacoldwell) April 3, 2020

Staying on the subject Disney, but moving towards the classics, some fans have also created garments inspired by the Mickey Mouse studios’ feature films. Among these we find the set for Oceania (in English Moana) and a whole thread with the clothes of the Disney princesses and their characters, co-stars or antagonists.

I can finally post my designs !! #ACNHDesigns pic.twitter.com/P80OY3SZKM

– ?????? ? (@_seahaven) April 3, 2020

Last but not least, those of us who have not always wished we could be a Jedi? Now, with the design for the robe of Obi Wan Kenobi, you can do it! Too bad only for the absence (for now) of lightsabers in the game.

We’ve come to the end of our list, but if you know of a fantastic and absolutely must-see design, done by someone online or maybe by yourselfdo not hesitate to let us know in the comments or by writing to us on our Facebook group!