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FAO Schwarz, the toy store opens in Milan

FAO Schwarz, the toy store opens in Milan

The October 28 will open to Milan the iconic toy store FAO Schwarzin via degli Orefici. The shop with a century-old history has appeared in dozens of films, from Mom I missed the plane to Big passing through Baby Boom. Now it also arrives in the Lombard capital, in an area of 600 square meters spread over three levels. To welcome customers and enthusiasts, the classic “toy soldiers” of the brand.

FAO Schwarz: the toy store arrives in Milan

The idea of ​​these chains was born a long time ago from the mind of Federick August Otto Schwarz (from his initials, FAO, the shop is named after). German immigrant to the United States, in 1862 he founded the first toy shop in Baltimore. Which soon becomes a children’s paradise. From there, in 1970 he moved to New York City, the very famous venue we have seen in many Hollywood films. As in Big, when Tom Hanks and Robert Loggia play on the huge piano with feetthe.

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After 159 years, the iconic brand finally arrives in Milan. Everything comes from an agreement between Prénatal Retail Group and ThreeSixty Group, with the aim of recreating that magic that transforms even adults who enter the store back into children. This launch is part of FAO Schwarz’s new expansion. Which in 2018 returns to New York, al 30 from Rockefeller Plaza. While in 2019 it opens in Beijing, London And Dublin.

The 28 October arrives in Milan and it does it in style. In fact, on the official Italian site you can participate in “The Game of Wonders”. A real virtual treasure hunt in five stages, positioned in as many famous points and theimportant in Milan. In these locations, you will need to find gods hidden toys. Whoever manages to find them then receives an alphanumeric code with which you can present yourself in the store. There you can check if you are among the lucky ones who can win 500 products up for grabs.

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In addition, three participants will be able to receive a super prize: a snack with five friends surrounded by the toys of FAO Schwarz.

But even if you don’t win, if you are in Milan you can visit this new nerve center for passionate children and adults. This year Christmas gifts, instead of buying them online, you can get them in toy paradise.