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Fake Amazon Alexa App Ranked Top on App Store

Fake Amazon Alexa App Ranked Top on App Store

We are facing a news about the application called “Setup for Amazon Alexa” that we found in the App Store and that it would be climbing positions in the app store despite the fact that it is an illegitimate application. In this case, it is supposed to be an app to configure Alexa, but it has nothing to do with the official Amazon app.

It is not the first time that the One World Software company, in charge of this app, has carried out a maneuver of this type. The developer also has two other applications in the App Store “Marketplace – Buy/Sell” and “Any Font for Instagram” at a price of $0.99 that look similar to Facebook and Instagram.

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Setup for Amazon Alexa is not the app you are looking for

Without a doubt, this application that is in the top positions of the Apple application store in its free section, is not the app that you have to download if you are a user of an Amazon device and that this app is not the original one. It’s also not like the app is going to break your device or steal any information from you.it is simply possible that the developer wants to have visibility in their applications and therefore launch this type of application similar to official apps.

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Surely with the passing of days and the constant complaints from users who have downloaded it, Apple will end up taking action on it or even the developer itself will remove it from the store so as not to gain a “bad reputation”, but in any case it is not an app that serves to configure our Alexa devices and therefore it is an app that will lose this popularity achieved by being free and having Amazon Alexa in the name… On the other hand, it would be interesting if Apple will strengthen security measures in its app store to prevent things like these from happening, since in this case it is true that there is no malware or anything similar in the app, but it is also not good for apps of this type to sneak into the company’s application store.