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Facebook’s smart glasses are around the corner


Facebook’s smart glasses are around the corner

Mark Zuckerbergthe CEO of Facebook, announced that the Facebook’s Ray-Ban smart glasses will arrive soon: they will be the company’s next consumer device. However, Zuckerberg did not unbutton too much about the functionality of these smart glasses.

Facebook’s smart glasses are on the way, says Mark Zuckerberg

CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed thearrival of smart glasses Wednesday, during Facebook’s second quarter earnings event, while providing some insight into the company’s next product cycle. “Looking ahead, the next launch will be our first Ray-Ban smart glasses, made in collaboration with EssilorLuxottica,” said Zuckerberg.

Although Zuckerberg did not provide any specific information regarding a time frame for the release, he said the device it will look like a normal pair of glasses. The Facebook CEO went on to explain that “glasses have their iconic form factor and you they allow you to do some pretty cool things“. We don’t know what those “pretty cool things” will be, nor the features and specifications of the smart glasses. But that doesn’t stop Facebook from advertising the product as something to have absolutely.

Beyond thrilled to finally share a sneak peek of our Facebook partnership with Ray-Ban! Our first smart glasses will launch next year, and that’s just the beginning… The future will be a classic and it’s coming in 2021 😎 pic.twitter.com/l9992ZQGoy

– Hugo Barra (@hbarra) September 16, 2020

What do we know about these smart glasses

Last year, the social media giant told a The Verge that “the device will not be classified as an augmented reality (AR) device and will not have an integrated display of any kind”. The Verge then said the glasses could look similar to Snapchat’s Spectacles or Amazon’s Echo Frames. Both, in fact, blend quite well with everyday clothing.

The CEO said he was “thrilled to make smart glasses available to users and to continue making progress on the journey into the future of augmented reality glasses.” Although these “smart glasses”, in fact, are not considered complete AR devices, the project is still part of Facebook Reality Labs (FRL)the company’s research and development department for XR technologies.

It is therefore thought that the feedback gathered by these smart glasses could help contribute to the Project Aria, the AR glasses that Facebook is currently testing. It remains to be seen when exactly he plans to launch these Ray-Ban glasses. But, considering we’re already halfway through the year, the company is likely to release them very soon, perhaps in time for the holiday season and to be able to find them under the Christmas tree.