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Facebook under investigation for fake vaccine news


Facebook under investigation for fake vaccine news

The Washington DC District Attorney put it under investigation Facebookto assess whether the company has done everything possible to stop the spreading of fake news about vaccines. The Attorney General Karl Racine is looking for internal documents to understand the reaction of the social media giant to the fake news.

Facebook investigated for fake vaccine news

According to the mandate issued by the District of Colombia, Racine is looking for internal documents that demonstrate if and how Facebook has penalized content withMisleading information on Covid vaccines. It would also be evaluating a study commissioned by the social network to understand the hesitation of many users to get vaccinated. The power of attorney’s request also touches the huge amount of content deleted or blocked from Facebook for violating disinformation policies.

A spokesperson for the district explained that: “Facebook said it has taken steps to respond to the proliferation of misinformation regarding Covid-19 vaccines. But then when we insisted that he show his work, Facebook refused. AG Racine’s investigations aim to make sure Facebook is really doing what it can to minimize misinformation about vaccines on its site and is supporting public health. “

Facebook issued a press release explaining that it had removed over 18 million content from Facebook and Instagram that violated the contents. He also tagged over 167 million news items as fake after checking them with his network of factcheckers. “We are the only company that collaborates with more than 80 fact-checking institutions, covering over 60 languages ​​and using Artificial Intelligence to block duplicates of fake news. We constantly provide updates on our blog on our efforts to combat disinformation regarding Covid-19 ″.

The court will review the content to prove whether Facebook really did what it could. We will keep you informed.