Facebook portal: an autumn between Europe and successors


  • The first Facebook portal
  • The future

Portal. Hearing this name, many people might think of the famous series of video games few years ago. Maybe someone would bring the thought to cult sci-fi series like Stargate or Star Trek DS9. Others might think of some comics, to a book… Almost no one would associate this word with Facebook. However, the Facebook portal is a reality. Presented at the end of 2018, this is a device designed specifically for video calls, Complete with smart camera built-in that rotates to keep the speaker framed.

The first Facebook portal

Presented at the end of 2018, in the midst of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, it was presented as a product for family video calls. Marketed in two versions, Portal and Portal +, at the base price of $200, it never arrived in Europe.

The future

At Code Conference in Phoenix, the Vice-president section AR/VR Since Facebook, Andrew Bosworth, announced that the Menlo Park company is in the works new devices from the range Portal. These devices will be presented this fall, alongside the marketing of the first Portal in Europe and the support has video calls Since WhatsApp as well as Messenger.

The new devices will, in Bosworth's words, have a new form factor. A rather generic description to which, however, the vice-president did not want to add all the details.

The reason we're doing this is because we think there's a whole new generation of hardware coming out, hardware coming home, and we want to make sure that the human connection, the connection between two people, is first party experience on this hardware.

Facebook Messenger already has more than 11,000 bots

Another topic on which Bosworth did not provide further detail was that concerning the sales data on the first generation of Portal. Asked about this indeed ignored the question.

We are really sure that the world is ready (or at least really you need) of a device for Facebook video calls?

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