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Facebook Messenger is updated adding support for Peek & Pop


Facebook Messenger is updated adding support for Peek & Pop

The guys at Facebook take it very easy when it comes to updating their applications, adding the new features that each mobile operating system adds in its updates. It seems that the Facebook engineers, who must be the same as WhatsApp, have a problem with the programming language or is it that they really care rather little to take care of their users offering them support to take advantage of the new functionalities that both Apple and Google add in each update.

After more than a year and a half on the market, the Apple Watch is still not compatible with WhatsApp notifications when the Facebook messaging platform has been practically since its launch. What accounts for these differences in treatment? Of course we’ll never know, but Mark Zuckerberg shouldn’t trust his messaging and social media platforms. They will always be the most used. And, if not, at the time.

In relation to all of the above, Facebook has just updated the Messenger application again by adding new support for 3D Touch technology. In October 2015, shortly after the release of iOS 9 and the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus models, Facebook added support for quick actions from the app icon, and in January this year added some features that support Peek & Pop, but as many as I could.

Mark Zuckerberg’s company just updated the update again adding fuller support for Peek & Pop technology, in this way we will be able to access the conversations by pressing on them, preview the data of a contact, in addition to the images and videos of the conversations. It also allows us to open links in a floating window within the application and send a message directly from the application icon.