Facebook Messenger exceeds 1 billion monthly active users

The messaging app Facebook Messenger has long become the second most used messaging app in the world, surpassed only by WhatsApp, which is also owned by Facebook. Last April, Facebook announced that the secondary messaging platform, Messenger, had gained the approval of more than 900 million monthly active users, including only 100 million from WhatsApp. In this way and in the absence of new data relating to monthly active users of WhatsApp, the two applications are the undisputed queens of instant messaging at the moment.

From Facebook they affirm that they will celebrate this milestone in a curious way:

We are grateful to all the people who send billions of messages every day and we hope to send my millions of thanks in the form of a floating balloon to all the users who want to celebrate with us. Simply send an emoji balloon to your friends to add a touch of fantasy and enjoy the fun of having a conversation.

Facebook Messenger achieved in less than three months, gaining 100 million new users. Concerning the number of users that Facebook, the social network, has gained in recent months, the company has not commented on the subject. It seems that the number of new users has stagnated in recent months, which could be a reason why the platform could have reached its all-time high.

The latest data provided by the company showed us that the social network Facebook had 1.6 billion registered userswhich does not mean that they are active, so this figure is always misleading, that is why we must always talk about active users and not registered users to offer real data on how this type of service works.

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