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Facebook launches Bulletin, the newsletter service

Facebook launches Bulletin, the newsletter service

Great news for the Facebook App, which yesterday officially entered the world of newsletters with the launch of Bulletin. If you are wondering what it is, here is the answer. Bullettin is a service that allows writers to create free and paid newsletters, which can be posted on the web, sent to subscribers’ inboxes and shared on Facebook. A novelty that becomes even more interesting if we consider that the platform will not require a commission from writers “at the time of launch”. And, indeed, it will also guarantee them full ownership of the work done and the list of subscribers.

Facebook: App launches the Bulletin newsletter service

Just yesterday, the Facebook App launched the new Bulletin newsletter service, focused “on empowering independent writers, helping them reach new audiences and boost their businesses”. So commented Mark Zuckerberg during the launch, during which the platform announced the collaboration with some important writers. Between these Malcolm Gladwell, Tan France and Erin Andrewswhich will cover quite various topics ranging from sport to finance, from science to medicine.

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Given this, it is clear that Bulletin is a direct response to the growing popularity of Substack, an online platform designed for the creation of paid newsletters. But this is not the only competitor of the Facebook App in this sense. Recently too Twitter bought Revue, a newsletter service, even if it has not done much yet to integrate it into the social network. What could benefit Facebook is that the two platforms take a fee from subscriptions. But the Zuckerberg platform, as anticipated, should not hold back anything at least in the first months.

At this point, it’s pretty clear that Bulletin is yet another attempt by the Facebook App to grow its own monetization tools for creators. “The goal here across the company is to ultimately support millions of people doing creative jobs,” commented CEO Mark Zuckerberg. For the moment, however, Bulletin is not accepting registrations yet. Some writers are testing the service, but we still don’t know when it will actually be made available. In the meantime, what matters is that Facebook has launched into a new sector yet again.