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Facebook invests in the metaverse: 10 thousand jobs in the EU


Facebook invests in the metaverse: 10 thousand jobs in the EU

Facebook aims to create ten thousand new jobs in the European Union for the next five years, investing in metaverse. What Facebook calls the “IT platform of the future,” which offers unique experiences with augmented and virtual reality, has the potential to employ many experts on our continent.

Facebook will create 10,000 jobs in the European Union

Mark Zuckerberg’s company thinks the metaverse is the future. There new frontier of virtual experience is where Facebook has decided to invest for the next few years and it seems that the European Union is fundamental for the development of the various technologies that can make this vision of the near future a reality.

Nick CleggVice President of Global Affairs, e Javier Olivan, Vice President Central Product Services, explain: “The region will be at the center of our plans to help build the metaverse, the computing platform of the future, a new generation of interconnected virtual experiences using technologies such as virtual and augmented reality. It has the potential to help unlock access to new creative, social and economic opportunities ”.

To focus on this virtual future, experts are needed who can work on these new technologies. The interconnected set of advanced technologies requires the work of many engineers and it is in this context that the European Union can become the right market for the metaverse. “As we begin the journey to transform the metaverse into a reality, one of Facebook’s most pressing priorities is to find highly skilled engineers. We look forward to working with governments across the EU to find the right people and the right markets to push this goal forward, as part of an upcoming recruitment campaign that will take place across the region. “

In emphasizing the importance of European education, Facebook recalls some recent discoveries from our continent. Like the German biotechnology that made it possible to create the first mRNA vaccine. Facebook has already invested in research in Europe, as well as in the laboratory Facebook Reality Labs in Cork. And investments are about to increase again.