Facebook, Google Maps and Weather Channel, the most downloaded applications on smartphones

The Nielsen Company conducted a study on which are the most used applications on smartphones. The survey, carried out among 4,200 people who downloaded a program for their mobile over the last 30 days, reveals some interesting data. From the outset, the most downloaded applications are Games, both free (65%) and paid (59%). They are followed, in second position, musical programs (46%, 45%); thirdly, those of access to social networks (54%, 36%); in fourth, news or weather request (56%, 32%); and fifth, the applications of navigation or maps (55%, 30%)

In general, the three candidates who rise to the podium of honor are Facebook, Weather Channel and Google Maps, although Pandora is also very popular. In iPhone, Facebook takes 58%, iTunes 48% and Google Maps, 47%. On mobiles with Android, Google Maps comes first with 67%, Facebook follows with 50% and Weather Channel finishes with 38%; while in blackberriesFacebook repeats as leader with 51%, Google Maps in second with 34% and Weather Channel in third with 28%.

This analysis allows us to take a look at the most widespread uses we give to our smartphones. Personally, I am surprised to see that no request for Twitter even slipped into the top five, while the hegemony of Facebook it's quite noticeable. I admit that I was a little surprised to see this Time channel have so many followers, although it is obvious that it is of practically unpredictable utility for many activities. To finish, I leave you a gallery of the complete graphs of the study of The Nielsen Company

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And you, what applications do you download the most?

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