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Facebook finds a solution for Apple’s in-app purchases

Facebook finds a solution for Apple’s in-app purchases

The CEO of Half, Mark Zuckerbergtoday announced changes to it Facebook “subscriptions” toolwhich will see the service test the App Store guidelines for Apple in an effort to secure more money for content creators. The company’s goal is to avoid in-app purchases.

Facebook and Apple: no more in-app purchases?

With subscriptions, content creators can allow their fans to sign up to pay a monthly subscription fee, similar to Patreon. For the future, the company plans to implement a “Promotional link” in the Facebook app for iOS.

This link will allow users to subscribe to the services offered by content creators without using Apple’s in-app purchase system.

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Zuckerberg said Facebook wants to unlock “opportunities for creators and allow them to make more money” as it builds the metaverse. He further pointed out that “the 30% commissions that Apple takes on transactions make it more difficult to do so”.

Facebook plans to offer the “Promotional link” next to in-app purchase options for subscriptions. This means that when people subscribe to creators using the Facebook link, creators will be able to keep any money they earn. They can finally say goodbye to cutting the 30% of Apple. Below is a post that explains this new method in detail.

Earlier this year, as part of our commitment to supporting creators, we shared that Facebook would not collect any creator fees on subscription purchases until 2023, at the earliest. Creators, however, still have to give 15-30% of their earnings to companies like Apple every time people buy subscriptions within the Facebook app on mobile devices.

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Starting today, we’re offering creators the ability to direct people to a website to complete their subscription purchase using Facebook Pay. When people buy Subscriptions from this website or mobile, creators will be able to keep 100% of the money they earn, excluding taxes. Creators can find their custom promotional link in Creator Studio and can share it with their audience, even via email.

Does the Cupertino company agree?

It is unclear whether Facebook’s new subscription payment alternative is fully in line with Apple App Store guidelines. However, a Facebook spokesperson told The Verge that the company believes Apple has always allowed this on iOS kind of approach.

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Finally, Facebook announced that it is also launching a bonus program to pay creators for each new subscriber added through the custom web link. Its goal is to encourage creators to sign up. It also wants to provide tools for creators to show them how much of their earnings are actually going into taxes from Apple and Google.