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Facebook challenges Tinder with a feature dedicated to online dating

Facebook challenges Tinder with a feature dedicated to online dating

Mark Zuckerberg is ready to challenge Tinder. The founder of Facebook took advantage ofF8 – the annual developer conference – to announce a feature dedicated to dating. In short, after having given himself to messaging services and anti-Snapchat, Zuckerberg is finally ready to face even the giant of online dating.

Facebook vs Tinder: this is how the new tool works

The numbers speak for themselves: one in three marriages in the United States stems from an online meeting. And so Zuckerberg decided to create an instrument called Dating. Yes, the name isn’t exactly original, but success is almost guaranteed.

Don’t worry, this does not mean that the whole world will know that you are looking for a soul mate. The Dating profile will indeed be separate from that used on Facebook and it will be visible only to those who, in turn, are looking for a relationship, contacts excluded.

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The operation seems very similar to that of Tinder: indicate your preferences and, if you are reciprocated, you can start chatting. But be careful: no nude photos. In fact, all you can do is send text messages. However, this is not the only difference. In fact, the new function will not be open to everyone. All those who are displaced or in a relationship will be excluded. If you want to cheat on your other half, then you will have to do it elsewhere.

The other announcements from the F8: here’s what you need to know

After the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook is once again talking about privacy. The novelty in this sector is called Clear History, a tool that will allow users to view all information related to websites visited, elements clicked and applications that have access to the profile. Is something wrong with you? Don’t worry, with Clear History you can delete all this data.

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It is also overwhelmed by this wind of novelty Messenger. In fact, in the coming months we will be faced with a new design that promises a quick and easy user experience. In particular, the lower menu will be simplified and composed of only 3 tabs, while the photo and video icons will continue to remain at the top of the screen. The basic idea is to eliminate the superfluous to make Messenger more similar to classic messaging apps.

Space then to Instagram. The social network is preparing to welcome video calls, which you can activate through the Direct page and which can include multiple users at the same time. The page will then be added Explore, which will help you discover the most popular photos, the most popular themes and the most used hashtags.

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The latest announcement is about Oculus Go, the standalone virtual reality viewer that aims to conquer a wide range of the market thanks to a decidedly aggressive price. To find out more, you can read our detailed review.