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Facebook: ‘audio rooms’ reach all over the world

Facebook: ‘audio rooms’ reach all over the world

After testing them in the United States, Facebook launch the Live Audio Room worldwide. The new ‘audio rooms’ allow you to participate in audio discussions and seminars, giving access to both different speakers and an audience of listeners. They are the answer to the social network Clubhouse.

Facebook launches Live Audio Rooms worldwide, its answer to Clubhouse

Over the past year, Clubhouse has had overwhelming success, organizing conversations between well-known personalities and experts on various topics. Facebook wanted to launch its response, which can reach its huge worldwide audience. Also taking advantage of the tools of its platform.

In fact you can see the Live Audio Room featured in your Facebook news feed, advertising the conversation. From here your friends can register and receive alerts when a new audio room is released. For now, rooms can only be created from iOSbut the company is already testing this feature on Android. In the future, it could also come up PC via browser.

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The news perhaps arrives late to cause a stir. A year ago we talked about Clubhouse every day, while today the attention (including the media) regarding this social network is waning. However, there is still some interesting content that might as well propose an alternative on Facebook. Which for its part has a number of monthly users and an unparalleled accessibility.

Not long ago, Twitter also left Spaces, which was also not a success comparable to that of Clubhouse. Whether Facebook can succeed where others have failed remains to be seen. But it’s not the first time the company has taken a concept seen on another social network (like Stories on Snapchat) and successfully ported them to its own platform.