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Facebook and smart working: a new policy for Zuckerberg?


Facebook and smart working: a new policy for Zuckerberg?

Mark Zuckerberg, after initial skepticism, seems to want to embrace remote working. The hypothesis would open interesting scenarios for the most famous social network in the world, which has recently lost an important piece of its team. What is the relationship between Facebook and smart working?

Facebook and smart working: Zuckerberg changes his mind

According to Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and founder of Facebookthe recent pandemic condition has demonstrated the efficiency of smart working. In this regard, the founder of the most important social network in the world, announced the imminent transition to this formula for many employees. A big step back from May 2020, when Zuckerberg declared remote working would be counterproductive for inexperienced employees. On that occasion, Facebook had evaluated the hypothesis of teleworking, but only for certain positions held by older professionals. The imminent change of course would seem to involve teleworking even for younger employees, here’s how Mark Zuckerberg explained the reverse:

“Over the past year we have learned that you don’t need a particular place to work well. Indeed, I am convinced that remote work is also applicable on a large scale. This is also thanks to the extraordinary virtual reality and video call technologies we have “

Working remotely opens up many interesting scenarios

Of course, not all jobs can be done remotely, such as hardware maintenance or data center configurations. Embracing smart working, for multinational companies like Facebook, also means simplifying and overcoming the problems dictated by borders. In this way, for example, employees in the US division could easily work from Canada, as well as those in the UK division working from Europe. For January 2022 the company plans to intensify work and limit travel, thanks to this system. A strategy of this type has already been adopted by Spotify during the last year.

Carolyn Everson, CEO of Facebook, leaves the company

After more than a decade in the role of Vice President of Global Business, Carolyn Everson decided to leave the Zuckerberg company. Everson, who held the role of AD Director at the time of her resignation, she said she was proud of the work she has done in recent years. Facebook has sometimes reciprocated the thought of her by thanking her for the achievements under her direction. The reasons are due to the woman’s desire to face new challenges in different sectors. Everson has given a very important contribution to the social network, especially in critical periods. One above all was the boycott of sponsorships last summer. In her place, at least momentarily, Nicola Mendelsohn will take over, already head of Facebook’s advertising departments for Europe, Africa and the Middle East.