Facebook against developer of a Greasemonkey script

Who would have thought that the largest social network in the world with over 300 million users would feel threatened by a simple script Mechanic called Lint-free purity (Before Facebook purity). For what? what it does is edit pages to remove any references to games like mob wars Or farmville.

Initially the complaint was related to the name of the script, which seems like a stretch to me given that it is a simple text file for a plugin that is used by a tiny percentage of everyone who has an account on the social network, but it is understood. After the name change, Facebook continues to complain about the « editing » of the pages.

The problem is that Facebook you cannot take credit for changes made at the browser level. The scenarios of Mechanic they work on the user side, they never intervene or interfere with servers, PHP programming or in any way affect the performance of the teams responsible for displaying profiles. Bottom line: it doesn't hurt anyone.

The complaint and actions on the side of Facebook I find them a bit predictable. Considering that the philosophy of the « fenced garden » (or walled garden as they usually call it in English) where everything inside looks nice and tidy but absolutely isolated from the outside world (in this case, the Internet) I understand that you don't like the idea of ​​a tiny script editing pages and removing references to two of the most addictive (but also annoying for those of us who don't play) games on the social network.

Initiative to leave Facebook on May 31

But it demonstrates the power of the Internet, it is often not measurable by the money a company has in the bank, the number of employees, the technology used, the influence of the media or the years in the market.

Via: Slashdot

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