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Esports Business Day: great success for the first edition

Esports Business Day: great success for the first edition

The first Esports Business Day organized by the Italian Esports Observatory and Italian Exhibition Group at the Rimini Fair ended with a great success in succession and with participants. On Wednesday 22 September, within the ENADA review dedicated to the world of games, over 100 representatives and professionals of the sector met in the first B2B event in Italy dedicated to Esports and the result was completely sold out.

Esports Business Day: the event

A day that saw companies, teams, law firms and realities interested in the world of gaming confront each other and meet: the whole Esports industry gathered in a packed room, with exceptional speakers who followed one another on stage before giving life to the moment of business matching. In fact, each participant in the meeting had a series of guaranteed meetings on the agenda to develop new commercial relationships or consolidate existing ones.

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The event was an opportunity to talk about the present and above all the future of the Esports sector, a constantly growing movement that in Italy now has tens of millions of enthusiasts and practitioners, and in which the major multinationals are investing considerable sums. For this reason, Esports Business Day proved to be a revolutionary and winning format: never before have so many representatives of the sector had the opportunity to get to know each other, exchange ideas, share projects and get informed.

All enhanced by the presence on stage of experts and members of the Italian Esports Observatory, who in their TED-style speeches dealt with issues that constitute the frontier of this market, such as NFT and blockchain.. A space was also reserved for the development of a physical Esports model, proposing the opportunities for transforming gaming rooms into LAN rooms. In this way, the Esports Business Day has embraced all aspects of the market, offering the maximum professional updating moment available in Italy.

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The point of view…

Great success also for the Esports Legal Corner, which saw the protagonists of the law firms Rombolà & Associati, Ontier and Lorenzoni, which made their professionals available to the participants to explain and analyze the legal and legal aspects of Esports. But not only that, because also companies of the caliber of TikTok, buddybank, Panasonic, Asus, Panini, Total Energies and Lamborghini wanted to attend the event, participating in dedicated meetings with other professionals and companies in the sector. Comparisons and strategies on the future of this business, in an exchange of values ​​that made Esports Business Day the only event in which it was possible to forge commercial relations according to a precise program of business matching between companies and operators in the sector. Together with them, also representatives of institutions such as the Italian Football Federation.

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“With the Esports Business Day we have written a piece of history of Esports in Italy. We have created a place, finally in presence, which for one day represented the center of the Italian market. Comparison generates value and only by creating networks is it possible to grow – declared Luigi Caputo and Enrico Gelfi, co-founder of the OIES – As the Italian Esports Observatory we are very satisfied with the excellent success of the event and we are sure that it will be the first step for the growth of the entire system. Thanks to Italian Exhibition Group who believed in us and created the conditions for our project to become reality “.