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Environment, privacy and security: the 3 new Apple announcements

Environment, privacy and security: the 3 new Apple announcements

Apple ads are special because the message is transmitted automatically and in a short period of time. In addition, the speed of the shots, the versatility of the products and, above all, the blows of effect accompanied by a good soundtrack make users delighted with their ads. However, a good creative ad is not everything: content is needed.

Apple has released three new ads in which it refers to the App Store and your privacy, the environment and recycling, and last but not least, the security of encryption in iMessages. After the jump we analyze the message they want to launch and we leave you the three new announcements.

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More Apple Announcements: Safety and Recycling

Every app is reviewed to help keep malware out of the App Store. This is the iPhone.

These new ads are very basic but with a mission: make the message clear. These three announcements deal with three different themes. In the first, it is made clear that there are no applications with malicious software in the App Store because the Apple team reviews each app that enters the store. The second addresses the issue of device recycling and the importance of recycling even the tiniest component. Finally, in the third and final announcement, it is mentioned that iMessages are encrypted because our security and privacy matters to them.

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Apple recycles even the tiniest part of the iPhone. Even 0.83 grams of tungsten. This is the iPhone.

in the ads only text appears with different animations and sounds that go hand in hand with the theme of the spot. In the case of security, animations appear as if they were opening a safe. Finally, when the apple logo appears, they wink at it regarding the topic covered in the video. A good way to transmit visual and fast information.

iMessage encrypts and protects your conversations. Because privacy matters. This is the iPhone.