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Elon Musk is the CEO with the lowest salary

Elon Musk is the CEO with the lowest salary

The Wall Street Journal has compiled its annual ranking of salaries of CEOs of the 500 richest companies in the United States. At the last place you find Elon Musk, who has a salary equal to one round zero. Although the WSJ points out that Tesla’s CEO owns shares in the company for 32 billion dollars. But the analysis shows last year’s trends for executives at some of the world’s top companies.

Salary of CEOs, Elon Musk is in last place

If Elon Musk is undoubtedly the one with the lowest salary among the richest on the planet, Steven Kean It barely beats it with just one dollar earned in 2020. Again, however, the executive is also the owner of Kinder Morgan, a company that operates pipelines in the US. So the salary is more a formality than a salary. The same goes for the Twitter founder Jack Dorseywhich earns $ 1.40: a penny for each of the characters in the tweets. While the character limit has increased, we would have expected a tweak to the CEO’s salary as well (Dorsey owns about $ 5 billion).

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Out of 500, only 24 CEOs earned less than $ 5 million. In fact, the median is 13.4 million dollars (the math average is offset by symbolic salaries like the ones we talked about). On average, they were up 5% from last year, with shareholder earnings up 8%. But it should be noted that in many cases CEOs have a large stake in the company stock.

The highest paid

The highest paid ever turns out to be Chad Richison. The CEO of Paycom Software saw a salary from over 200 million dollars, due to the increased value of its share package. In total they are seven CEOs who have surpassed the 50 million dollar mark.

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Almost all of them from technology or pharmaceutical companies, which have exploited the needs related to the pandemic to lift their share value to the stars. Robert Kotick of Activision Blizzard exceeds 150 million, Leonard Schleifer of Regeneron exceeds 125 million. Eleven of the 25 companies with the best leap in the stock market are technological, twelve if you count Tesla.

The CEOs of companies that organize cruises, such as Norwegian Cruise Line And Carnival they have seen their companies lose millions on the stock exchange. But Norwegian’s CEO Frank Del Rio receives $ 12.8 million, while Arnold Donald he gave up 45% of his salary, earning “only” 1.5 million dollars.

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Among the CEOs women (22 in the standings, just over 4%) the best paid is Marillyn Hewson of aviation company Lockheed Martin. Earn money 28.5 million dollars in 2020. But she relinquished the post during the year, so the best paid turns out to be Lisa Su from Advanced Micro Devices with 28 million (much less than last year’s 58 million).

You can read the report in its entirety in the Wall Street Journal.