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Elon Musk: 48.7 million dollars for the “People Mover” in Las Vegas

Elon Musk: 48.7 million dollars for the “People Mover” in Las Vegas

The Boring Companycompany of the visionary Elon Muskrecently signed a $ 48.7 million contract to build the underground passenger transport system under construction in Las Vegas!

Part of the expansion of the Las Vegas Convention Center

The company’s project Elon Muskcalled Campus Wide People Mover (CWPM), will primarily focus on the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The latter is in fact currently involved in an expansion project which, with a deadline set for the CES of 2021, once completed will cover 200 acres.

The center had already considered a collaboration with The Boring Company in March but the confirmation, which took place through the signing of the 48.7 million dollar contract, took place only recently.

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At the base of the document there are obligations and restrictions aimed at Musk’s company, including specific objectives to comply with in order to unlock two thirds of the expected payment.

Elon Musk’s project

The underground machinery project from The Boring Company could have the daunting task of connecting the city center with the Las Vegas Convention Center, the Las Vegas Boulevard Resort Corridor and McCarran International Airport.

To do this, the project will also include the construction of a series of twin tunnels for vehicles and a pedestrian tunnel, the latter featuring three underground stations for loading / unloading passengers and a system of elevators and escalators for access to these. points.

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Once completed, the project signed by the company of Elon Musk will allow people to move extremely quickly between stations, all aboard a comfortable self-driving Tesla.

At the moment, before opening to the public, the project foresees three months of testing, mainly necessary to verify the different national safety standards.