Electronic waste, a big and growing problem, especially for developing countries

Today, one of the most serious problems that human beings face is undoubtedly linked to the enormous quantities of waste of all kinds that we generate and how to dispose of it. Electronic waste is even more worrying because it is not as easy to recycle as others and we are generating more and more of it.

Well, now the folks at the United Nations have released a report focused on this e-waste thing that says the problem is going to increase in the future, as expected, and that Developing countries are going to have a lot of trouble.

According to the said report, in just 10 years India will see the levels in terms of Electronic waste will increase by five hundred percent in the country compared to 2007an increase which both in China and in South Africa will also be very significant, specifically four hundred percent. This will be so for two reasons, the first and logical is that more and more people from developing countries will enter the consumer electronics market, and the second and aberrant is that already developed countries, which generate every year more and more of these types of waste will increasingly use developing countries as manure for their own waste.

Conclusion? We urgently need to pull ourselves together and forcefully confront this problem, which in the future will get even worse. On the one hand, so-called developed countries (this is very debatable) must stop sending electronic waste to other countries, and on the other, developing countries must start building an industry focused on processing of this type of waste. , which would also bring them wealth.

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Via: CNet

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