Electronic Arts at E3 2019: from Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order to FIFA 20


  • Electronic Arts Conference: programming
  • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
  • Apex Legends: Season 02
  • Battlefield V: new maps, increased rank and chapter V
  • FIFA20: new gameplay features and VOLTA FOOTBALL revealed
  • Madden NFL 20
  • Sims 4: Living on an Island

Electronic Arts Conference. A few days before the official launch of E3 2019, Electronic arts it carves out its own space in anticipation of the rich sequence of conferences that awaits us in the days to come. According to rumors and the EA line up released a few days ago, it seems that the publisher is betting everything on the already solid titles in its possession. We'll follow live, updating you with the news in real time.

Electronic Arts Conference: programming

Electronic Arts has published the official line up of the conference, with which it will guide us in the 3 hours of time in the news and in the news regarding its titles. Here is the summary with the times:

6:15 p.m. – Countdown to EA PLAY
6:30 p.m. – Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (Presented by Greg Miller and Andrea Rene)
7:00 p.m. – Apex Legends (Presented by Alex “Goldenboy” Mendez)
7:30 p.m. – Battlefield V (Presented by Julia Hardy and Adam Freeman)
8:00 p.m. – FIFA 20 (Presented by Alex “Goldenboy” Mendez)
8:30 p.m. – Madden NFL 20 (Presented by Adam Rank)
9:00 p.m. – The Sims 4 (Presented by Andrea Rene)

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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

EA starts right away and gets straight to the point: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order it's a action adventure single player the main information comes from the gameplay which starts immediately, lasting 15 minutes!

The version presented is still an alpha but provides information on different game dynamics, both in the exploration phase and in the combat phase. The game appears in third person with exploratory dynamics involving climbing and platforming in the setting, but the path will still be guided. There is interaction with the environment also thanks to the Jedi powers, which allow the player to move objects and create mechanisms that will fit into the exploratory phase of the platform, but there does not seem to be any room for free choice by the user.

The combat system feels fast and responsive.

Additional game dynamics are provided by the little robot who will accompany us on our journey. Thanks to this NPC you will be able to face very light puzzle sessions to continue “from one room to the next”.

Announced release date: November 15

Apex Legends: Season 02

During the conference in the segment Apex Legends announced Season 02 available from July 2. The new season brings several new features. There was talk of a new mode called Rank Mode, with 6 categories ranging from “Bronze” to “Aper Predator” with a match making system to be able to offer a better gaming experience.

The new season sees the entry of Wattson, new all-female character, from what has been mentioned so far, seems to be a supporting character capable of setting traps and being a valid member of the team. Another entry is a new weapon called L-STAR.

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Here is the background of the new character

Battlefield V: new maps, increased rank and chapter V

The Battlefield segment sees new maps in its presentation, including Marita, characterized by restricted spaces, and the North African desert, much more open-minded. The latter will be an excellent Battflied sandbox as it will have the capacity to contain the entire sector in terms of vehicles and weapons, offering many possibilities for effective and fun actions, thanks to the large map, perfect for populated multiplayer .

The team listened to the community and learned that users they reached rank 50 too quickly, so the max rank increased to 500. There will be milestones where you can receive new icons representing your level.

THE Chapter V It appears located in the pacific, it seems to be in Japanese territory (more precisely Hiroshima was mentioned), also in the period of World War II.

FIFA20: new gameplay features and VOLTA FOOTBALL revealed

FIFA 20 is renewed on the physics of the game and the reaction of the ball in actions. The work focused on 4 features to offer a better gaming experience and more precise management of collisions and the control system, dribbling and action on the pitch: Dial finishing, updated dribbling system, penalty kicks, free kicks.

The team approached the new title under development with a philosophy “On the ball / off the ball”, as it seeks to renew and optimize game dynamics to make user involvement even more immersive and interactive, while supporting pre- and post-game aspects.

VOLTA FOOTBALL is new this year! EA and the FIFA team's approach was to « take FIFA on the road » more in touch with people and street football. A sport that condenses the personalization of its own method of play, culture and social meeting points under the banner of football sport.

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In VOLTA FOOTBALL, you can customize your player, including theoutfit that becomes urban, and also choose the gender (Man/Woman). The “cages”, the scene of street football matches, will offer a scenario in which to express skills with different elements compared to the classic football match on an ordinary field.

Madden NFL 20

The new American football title is renewed by bringing some interesting features that they refresh the gameplay and certain dynamics inherent to tactics. Although not widespread on the European front, Madden NFL 20 is the American counterpart of FIFA 20, in fact the guest of excellence Juju Smith-Schuster, professional player of the National Fooball League.

The five features presented are:

  • Face of Françoise: mode that will allow us to pretend to be a manager and select (and manage) our prodigy player since college days;
  • Scenario engine: highly requested by fans, features that encompass the entire environment inherent to the sporting world of American football, allowing you to fully enjoy an experience even off the field;
  • Playbooks: reviewed and optimized, the tactical plans of your team play an important role in the game, they can in fact sanction victory or defeat if they are not taken into consideration;
  • X Factor Abilities: a special skill for each player called “Superstar”, also taken from the skills of the real player. The basic concept is that each player who will go down in history and is therefore now defined as a « Superstar », has won this title thanks to some of his main characteristics or strengths. These special features are carried over into the game.
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The last two mechanics offer an interesting approach to the game, combining the right tactical strategy with the skills of our best player, we may soon become professionals.

Sims 4: Living on an Island

Officially presented onThe Sims 4 expansion. As rumors suggested, it's The Sims 4: Island Living. Like any good self-respecting Sims expansion, this one will also bring all the kit for a renewed character outfit, new accessories and a moveset.

For the first time in The Sims game history, you will be able to enter the water and perform various activities, opening up a world on that front as well. The game acquires depth and you can move from a snorkeling phase, to an exploration phase with jet skis, to fishing and many other activities.

However, the island is not without danger, as we were shown during the conference, it is possible that the islands are of volcanic origin, we must be careful where we build the House !

The entire environment and the physiognomy of the characters are Polynesian, reproduced in an ironic but precise form. In addition to the usual multiple jobs, it will also be possible to appeal a “green” trial and cleaning the beach with other NPCs, this will improve the environment conditions, but we still need to check whether or not this will have an impact on gameplay.

There are two notable innovations:

  • the first is that the sirens will be present,
  • the second is that the new features implemented are sensitive to the LGBT community and the very current subject Pride. The developers wanted to give a product that would allow users to feel free, and on the contrary, give them a tool, one more way to learn more about their own attitudes and orientations.
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One of the announced collaborations is with MOSCHINO, a whole range of products has been designed to be worn virtually. Last to conclude the evening, the announcement of an additional gamepack release this year: it will concern magic and could be the introduction of the magical world within The Sims 4.

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