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Edgelon, the new crypto inspired by Elon Musk

Edgelon, the new crypto inspired by Elon Musk

Elon Musk continues to talk about himself – which does not surprise us at all -. In fact, in recent days, the entrepreneur has created a survey to ask the public whether to decide to sell 10% of its Tesla shares and pay taxes. An unusual behavior, which however does not surprise us at all. Not surprisingly, in these hours Musk has decided to change the name of his Twitter profile in “Lorde Edge” without explanation. But nothing too disconcerting, sometimes the entrepreneur likes to dabble in practices of this type. This time around, however, fans have created a a memecoin on the Ethereum blockchainbaptizing him with a name similar to that chosen by Musk, Edgelon.

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Edgelon: fans dedicate a crypto to Lord Edge

Elon Musk changes his name on Twitter to Lorde Edge, and this immediately becomes an inspiration for the creation of a new cryptocurrency. Edgelonas reported by the CoinMarketCap website, had a vaverage trading volume of 11 million dollars in the last 24 hours. The value of the token, therefore, is approximately 0.0001065 dollars. As a guideline, it’s less than a penny, but the fact that the value is still so high shows how hilarious the overall situation is. On the Lorde Edge website, written in a font similar to Comic Sans, the crypto is defined as “the first token of its kind to celebrate Dogefather and CEO of cryptocurrencies, Elon Musk!”.

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We are LIVE and BOOMING! @Elonmusk Lorde Edge is with us!

Chart: https: //t.co/YzrjMQSke7 pic.twitter.com/CygivhZeG1

– EDGELON (@EDGELONtoken) November 8, 2021

Edgelon’s official Twitter account reveals that the coin was created by Musk himself, but we know that this is absolutely not the case. Rather, it is a tribute to the entrepreneur, as the cryptocurrency logo demonstrates: one Shiba Inu with green hair smoking. A clear reference to the story in which Elon Musk was seen smoking weed during the Joe Rogan podcast. “Directly after Elon Musk’s name change on Twitter, this token pays tribute to our sole leader in launching multiple projects like DOGE and SHIB. And of course… ELON – known as Dogelon Mars! “. Fans write. As a demonstration of the great love for Musk.

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