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Ed Sheeran and Pokémon GO: the collaboration you don’t expect

Ed Sheeran and Pokémon GO: the collaboration you don’t expect

The very famous British artist Ed Sheeran announced a mysterious collaboration with Pokémon GO, the famous augmented reality application featuring the pocket creatures of The Pokémon Company. For the moment, the details of the event are still shrouded in mystery, but it is likely that it is an unprecedented event in the history of mobile gaming.

The strange couple Ed Sheeran and Pokémon GO

The announcement, completely surprising, came via the artist’s Twitter account, who shared an image that simply portrays the application logo and his name, without revealing any details about the collaboration. It therefore seems that we will have to wait for an official announcement from the side Niantic to better understand what it is.

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One of the most accredited options by the community at the moment is that it can be a virtual concertgiven the success that such initiatives have enjoyed on Fortnite, just think of the concert of Ariana Grande a few months ago or to that of Marshmello. That said, such an event would be extremely difficult to accomplish in Pokémon GO, given the extremely minimal game mechanics that characterize it.

Coming soon .. x #PokemonGOxEdSheeran pic.twitter.com/8LDcIsVe78

– Ed Sheeran HQ (@edsheeran) November 16, 2021

It is indeed very likely that what Niantic has something much more “simple” in store for us, perhaps focusing on some special limited-time mission as the software house usually does on occasions of this type. Having said that, given the involvement of an artist of the caliber of Sheeran, it would be legitimate to imagine something more structured.

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In the meantime, if you are an avid coach, Niantic is offering a series of in-game events on the occasion of the release of Pokémon Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl. We therefore recommend that you access the application to catch all the exclusive Pokémon currently available, especially the unique ones.