eBay renews its applications for Christmas shopping

Just before the start of the Christmas shopping season, eBay decided update your apps for iOS and Android, with a new interface, easier to use and a new navigation system in them. In the last update, last summer, which made the purchasing portal in its applications, it added fingerprint identification and compatibility with Android Wear.

eBay's new apps for iOS and Android include a number of new features. First of all, the browsing experience has been improved notably. Now, when you select the “categories” option, you will be redirected to the new “Browse” page which offers relevant information regardless of the category consulted.

With today's update also comes a new shopping experience based and focused on the product itself. Products from the most popular categories get more prominence while browsing the app. However, new product pages make it easier to find them among the overwhelming amount of products sold on eBay. You can easily adjust the desired criteria to see what you want: new product models, old ones and much more.

Finally, note that the main app screen has been updated to look like this easier to move and navigate between products and categories even after closing the app. You can also quickly navigate through different offers and best sellers on the main screen. In addition, the ratings and comments have also been renewed for show more details about a product that you are considering purchasing and to be able to evaluate the opinions of other buyers or the rating they have given to the product/buyer.

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The application is free and can be downloaded from the App Store, on iOS, or from the Play Store, on Android.

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