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EB-L700, the new series of Epson projectors

EB-L700, the new series of Epson projectors

Today we have the honor to introduce you EB-L700, the new series of Epson video projectors designed to ensure optimal performance even in educational and corporate environments. The Covid-19 emergency, in fact, has significantly changed the way we use content in some specific places. This is why Epson has thought of new ones Compact 3LCD laser models and high brightness that can deliver sharp, large-scale images.

“As the market leader in 3LCD technology, we continue to improve high brightness laser projectors with even smaller and more compact models. This is what our customers have been asking for and the new EB-L700 series offers even more effective, practical and creative visual applications for the retail, corporate, hospitality and entertainment sectors. ” This is how Gianluca De Alberti of Epson Italia commented on the new series of video projectors available from June.

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Epson EB-L700 projectors: all the features

Designed to perform well in both classrooms and corporate meeting rooms, Epson’s EB-L700 Series projectors offer up to 7,000 lumens of brightness, thus ensuring excellent image quality. In addition, the new models offer images up to 500 inchesi in various aspect ratios, including ultra-wide 16: 6 aspect ratio. And that’s not all, because the Epson series also comes with options of latest generation connectivityincluding enterprise-grade 4K and 5GHz wireless signal support.

But it is not only these technical characteristics that make the new series of projectors versatile and performing. The entire series has been designed to ensure easy installation, long lasting performance And reduced energy consumption. Finally, thanks to the minimalist and compact design, these projectors are perfect to adapt to any environment, offering clear and realistic images. Corporate showrooms, museums and entertainment venues could prove to be the ideal settings to welcome the EB-L700 series projectors.