arrives in Genoa and Turin arriving at Turin it's at Genoa: the first real estate company This eliminates costs for the seller. arrives in Genoa and Turin

From now on sell or rent house in Turin and Genoa becomes more cheap it's fast. The real estate revolution it also expands to two new cities. This online service allows you to view houses using the augmented reality and of zero on fees for the seller.

The use of the most advanced technologies such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence are the key points of But especially the new revolutionary formula: zero commission for the seller and goods certified by a notary before sale. New service capability combines technology with real estate agent skills guaranteeing an important transparency and a faster and safer sale.

Turin it is an ideal city for young Italians to do business while Genoais a city attentive to business, commerce and new technologies: in both cases, represents an extraordinary opportunity to transform and relaunch the real estate market, simplifying the lives of sellers and buyers and making it smarter and more affordable, both economically and practically,” explains Paolo Facchetti, co-founder and CEO of

For the virtual tour, Dove provides precise plans of the house and professional films offering a virtual tour with virtual reality. However, the professional figure of the real estate agent is present: supports both sellers and buyers throughout the buying and selling process.

This formula allowed to earn more 50 mandates for the sale of mid-high-end properties in Milan and Monza for a total value of 25 million euros. The project is organized by a team of very young talents starting from the co-founders Paolo Facchetti and Salvatore Vadaccawho won over investors, harvesting 2 million euros loans from angels and private investors.

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