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Double GTA $ & RP This Week in GTA Online: Back to Cayo Perico

Double GTA $ & RP This Week in GTA Online: Back to Cayo Perico

A new week begins in GTA Online, and like every Thursday Los Santos is filled with ways to earn Double GTA $ & RP. Here’s what this week offers.

Double GTA $ & RP This Week in GTA Online (Nov 25 – Dec 1)

Welcome back to Los Santos, a city of traffickers and robbers, which every Thursday offers new business more or less legal (certainly less). As every week, in fact, the team of RockStar Games proposes the Weekly updates of GTA Online. These are news awaited by the most passionate players, which allow you to obtain Double GTA $ & RP on various activities, but not only. In fact, the weekly updates introduce the premium races of the week, discounts on vehicles ed exclusive prizes. But no more chatter, let’s find out this week’s updates that are valid from today – November 25, 2021 – through December 1.

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Let’s start by saying that, simply by logging in, we will be given the Still Slipping Friends t-shirt (white with red lettering). By going to the Diamond Restort & ****** we will find the supercar as a podium Grotti Vision: spin the wheel of fortune and try to take it home! Still on the car theme, but moving to the LS car rally, we find the new Prize Veichle Annis ZE350. To win it you will have to participate in the races Chase And place in the top 5 for 4 consecutive days.

Bonuses and discounts for Twitch Prime members

Good news for subscribers to Twitch Prime. If you have your account linked to the RockStar Social Club you will receive GTA $ 100,000 simply by logging in. Plus you’ll have access to this week’s exclusive discount stores:

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GTA Online Activities that feature Double GTA $ & RP

This is a great week of bonuses for money grinders, with great earning potential. In particular we find Double money and RP on all deathmatches in the series Skontro between Armed Karts and on Missoni Superyacht. Plus double bonuses for one of the funniest activities in GTA Online: Jumps of Penalty (found in the adversary mode section). In the latter you will have to launch at full speed with your car, which will be equipped with a parachute, and land in a huge archery target. Ready to take flight?

For this week alone, the Pantera returns to Cayo Perico: it is worth a good 1.9 million GTA $

Get ready to return to the tropical island of Cayo Perico to make big money at the expense of Mr. Rubio! Only for this week the Cayo Perico Heist will ensure you find the Panther statue in the safe. It is one of the rarest and most valuable loot, worth it on its own GTA $ 1.9 million. By stealing the secondary loots as well you could get to a total loot of 2.5 millionand we remind you that Cayo Perico Heist can be played alone: ​​you will not have to share the pay with anyone!

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The Statue will only be present once during the week, so it will not be possible to repeat these incredible gains more than once. There doesn’t seem to be any second loot bonuses at the moment either.

Weekly Discounts and Premium Races

And what about the weekly discounters? Until 1 December we will be able to take advantage of these discounts:

For those who love to run, here are the races of the week: