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DogPhone, the device for dogs that allows you to video call the owner

DogPhone, the device for dogs that allows you to video call the owner

Do you happen to leave your dog alone in the house for a few hours and would like to have the chance to video call him to know how he is? It may seem crazy, but the researchers of theUniversity of Glasgow in Scotland have recently devised DogPhonea device for dogs that allows you to call the owner.

The device for dogs to make video calls

The so-called “DogPhone“Consists of a ball equipped with a sensor. When the dog moves the ball, the sensor initiates a video call via a nearby laptop. The owner can also call the dog in turn, but the animal must move the ball to respond.

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Dr. Ilyena Hirskyj-Douglashead of the research, said she was pushed to create the DogPhone after realizing there were many devices that allowed owners to monitor their pets, such as a security camera, but none that allowed pets. to initiate interaction with their master.

“I’ve been building devices for my dog ​​and many other dogs for quite some time now,” he said Hirskyj-Douglas in a video about the DogPhone. “I think a lot of these devices are really important for giving dogs choices or options to do rich things.”

The outcome of the experiment

Hirskyj-Douglas tested the DogPhone with his 10-year-old Labrador, Zack. The probationary period lasted several weeks, leaving the ball at Zack’s disposal whenever she left the house. Zack immediately moved the ball making the laptop video call the doctor.

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This was initially very exciting, but then she admitted that towards the end of the trial period she had become a little anxious when Zack didn’t make a video call at the usual time. As for Zack, it’s unclear if he ever realized that moving the ball would make his owner’s face appear on a laptop display, or if the calls were made randomly every time he played with the ball. .

Hirskyj-Douglas appeared pleased with the results of the experiment, stating that it showed that “we can really train technology very differently for animals. Animals can be active users of technology. They can control the technology, we just need to reshape the way we think about how we see the future of dog technology. “

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As DigitalTrends reports, currently the commercialization of DogPhone is not plannedalthough we bet that many owners would like to try the device, perhaps training their dog to make him fully understand what happens when he moves the ball.