Do you want to download Super Mario Run as soon as it is available? The App Store may notify you

The first thing they presented in yesterday's keynote was something very interesting for many users. We're talking about a Nintendo game, but nothing to do with Miitomo, a kind of social network that has little to do with what the Japanese developer has accustomed us to. The game they presented is called super mario race and, as you can imagine, its protagonist is the most famous plumber in the world of video games.

But as always when they present something new, the downside is that it is not available right after their presentation. We will still have to wait a bit to be able to play Super Mario Run, but this time we can know just when it will be available. How? Well, enter the App Store, search for the game, which is currently featured at the top of the Apple App Store, and tapping the button what is there next to the icon where we can read “Keep me posted”.

Super Mario Run, perhaps the best runner we can imagine

If you've read me when I've talked about other games of this type, you'll know that I'm not a big fan of games of type of race. The reason is that I prefer other games that have more buttons to press and ultimately make me and my abilities more of a protagonist. But I'm aware that we don't all think the same thing and just yesterday they told me what I expected, that it's a game for mobile phones and that there is no much more to do. In part, my partner Miguel was right.

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The truth is that although it is a game in which the protagonist advances automatically, he is very different and more interesting than the other runners. Having such a famous protagonist helps, but not only that. Also we can compete with other users and, well, I asked him to let me know when I can download it. And you?

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