Do you know how to break the heart of iMessage Digital Touch?

iOS 10 is an operating system that, like iOS 9, will come with many new features in the form of small details. But it will also include many more important new features, such as the new Maps and Music applications, the integration of Siri (which will have a new voice, much more natural) with third-party applications or, what this post is about, the application of official messages, iMessage. The new Messages app inherits features from Apple Watch, such as number key or the animated Emoji.

In something that I'm not sure works on an iOS device, if we place two fingers on the box to send drawings and touches with the Digital Touch, a heart will appear that is supposed to send our pulse. This form of communication is very good to indicate that, for example, we are in love with the person to whom we send a beating heart, but what if what we want is to send the complete opposite or that we have been Broken Heart? Well, we can send him what you have in the header GIF.

How to send a broken heart with iOS 10's Digital Touch

If you want to send a broken heart to your partner or a contact who said something to you that you didn't like or that disappointed you, you can send it to them by following these simple steps:

  • Like when you want to send your pulse (which, I insist, I don't think is precise), you place two fingers on the Digital Touch box.
  • When it detects both fingers and starts beating, we slide both fingers down.
  • Just as we raise two fingers, a heart will be sent that will begin to beat and break.
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It's just another of the animations available in iMessage from iOS 10, but it's still interesting and reminds me how much it hurts to not have more contacts who use iOS. How about sending a broken heart via iMessage?

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