DigiTimes thinks we will have several Apple events in September

That Apple has taken a liking to the virtual events, There’s no doubt. But predicting that we will see several of them in the same month of September, I doubt it, because it has never happened. But that is what DigiTimes has published today.

The company has a few devices in the pipeline ready to be launched. It is true that this gives for several keynotes, at least two, that the logical thing is that they be distributed between September and November at the latest. But three in september It would be a novelty in Apple, without a doubt. We will see.

Due to the blissful pandemic, all Apple events last year and this year have been virtual. The company is already doing well. It is much more comfortable to launch a recorded event than to broadcast one live from the Steve Jobs Theaterthat’s clear.

Last year, Apple ended the year with three virtual keynotes, one in Septemberanother in october and the last in november. Of course, with the number of launches that the company plans, it seemed logical that this year the same timing would be repeated.

But DigiTimes He just surprised us with a report explaining that Apple plans to do three virtual events, all in September. Quite a novelty. But commercially unlikely.

Of course material for three events has. Apple plans to soon launch the new range of iPhone 13, the Apple Watch Series 7, the third generation AirPods, a new iPad mini, a new iPad, and the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro. All of this firmware, plus all of this year’s new software. Almost nothing.

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But DigiTimes is unlikely to be correct. the company likes distance the big pitches at least a month. If all the previous list of new products is announced in the month of September, it would be a chaos for the stores and delivery logistics in the month of October. We will see.

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