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Didacta 2019 and Minecraft: announced the second edition of Mineclass


Didacta 2019 and Minecraft: announced the second edition of Mineclass

On the occasion of Didacta, Microsoft renews the partnership with Indirethe National Institute of Documentation, Innovation and Educational Research, as part of the project Mineclass. This with the aim of promoting the experimentation of Minecraft: Education Edition in Italian schools.

Mineclass and Minecraft: Education Edition

After the success of last year, which saw the participation of 170 teachers throughout Italy and the involvement of approx 3400 students, in fact, he also returns for this school year Mineclass. Mineclass is a program of formation for those teachers who intend integrate the use of Minecraft: Education Edition into traditional educational programs. It is a Microsoft game that allows you to know and explore new worlds in an immersive and engaging environment, helping students to develop creativity and skills such as collaboration and problem-solving.

“In the 3 years of experimentation with Minecraft in an educational context – he declares Giovanni Biondi, President of Indire – our researchers were able to understand how students activate skills and competences that they usually only manage to express outside of school. The activity carried out in the form of a video game allows you to ask them to bring to class something they are really experts in, which is more congenial to them. It allows you to put it at the service of school learning, such as history, mathematics, science or other subjects “.

How does it work?

Through a online platform, teachers of all educational levels will have access to theoretical lessons, tutorials and practical exercises. All this will be aimed at helping them understand how Minecraft works and guide them in creating materials and content that conform to the educational programs. This is to be able to effectively introduce the use of this tool within your classes. Last step of the path, the realization with the students of a concrete project using the famous video game.

For the first time this year, it will also be introduced within the training, thanks to the collaboration with Perlab, a module dedicated to Social Emotional Learning, or socio-emotional learningthat approach useful for helping students to be able to manage their emotions in social contexts such as that of a school classroom.

“It is essential to think of teaching that is able to help students develop those digital and transversal skills necessary to be able to compete in the job market and become qualified professionals. In fact, the collaboration with Indire allows us to put together advanced tools, skills and experiences to help build the future of our children, so that they can be protagonists of the digital revolution underway. But that is not all. Mineclass is the largest training project ever built with Minecraft: Education Edition and this makes us particularly proud. ” explains Francesco Del Sole, Education Director of Microsoft Italy.

To participate in the program

To enter the program, all interested teachers can submit their application to this LINK