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Dexter: New Blood, as is the revival of the series with Michael C. Hall

Dexter: New Blood, as is the revival of the series with Michael C. Hall

It opens on the notes of The Passenger’s Iggy Pop the first episode of Dexter: New Blood, revival miniseries of the adventures of the “serial killer of serial killers” Dexter Morgan, played again by Michael C. Hall. A clear allusion to the dark passenger, that is the definition that Dexter himself gives of his irrepressible desire to kill, which he channeled exclusively towards murderers who managed to escape justice. A theme that has been the backbone of one of the most loved shows of the golden age of TV series, broadcast by Showtime for 8 seasons and 96 episodes in total. A love not affected even by a decidedly unsettling ending, which presented Dexter reduced to an exile in disguise in the middle of the American province.

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Dexter: New Blood starts right from there, more precisely from the town of Iron Lake, in the state of New York, where the former Miami police hematologist leads an apparently peaceful and quiet existence with the name of Jim Lindsay. His life is made up of simple things, like his job as a clerk in a shop dedicated to hunting or his encounters with local police officer Angela Bishop, his constant companion. In spite of his new public image, within the walls of the Dexter house he is always the same, tormented by the traumas of his past and by the memory of his deceased half-sister Debra, involved in continuous visions and illusory dialogues aimed at appeasing the true nature of the protagonist. After ten years of quiescence, the volcano that dwells inside Dexter is ready to return to activity, prompted by the encounter with a sinister wealthy young man of the place.

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Dexter: New Blood, the return of Dexter and his dark passenger

Already from the incipit of Dexter: New Blood we perceive the desire to mend a real rift between the audience and the show, disavowing in fact a conclusion that had left the protagonist a prisoner of a sort of existential limbo, not compatible with a story. built on impulses impossible to contain. A return to the past and to the dark atmospheres typical of the series, also underlined by the involvement of Clyde Phillips, showrunner, executive producer and screenwriter of the first 4 seasons. The world, however, has changed in the meantime, and filters into a show that constantly plays with the law and with morals. So here comes a fully realized companion and leader of the local police force, light years away from the resigned Rita and the damned Hannah, together with the protests of the boys for the climate crisis. Changes to which Dexter adapts perfectly, with the spirit of adaptation that sets him apart.

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However, the history of the Morgan family teaches us that every balance is destined to be destroyed. The awakening of Dexter’s more ferocious side coincides in fact with the return of that past that he rejected and pushed away and with the opening to reflections on the lineage that we believed by now over. Dexter is more alive than ever, like that dark passenger who will once again be our infernal ferryman in the darkest and most disturbing meanders of the human mind.

Dexter: New Blood is available November 10 on Sky and Now, with episodes broadcast weekly.