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Developed a prototype of the Apple Car: this is how it could be

Developed a prototype of the Apple Car: this is how it could be

The team of Vanorama has developed gods prototypes of the Apple Car based on the patent applications filed by the Cupertino giant, showing the public the probable design of the device. Here are some pictures.

The prototype of the Apple Car

The news that Apple was working on a ‘electric carpotentially a autonomous drivingwas first leaked around 2014 under the code name Project Titan. It is a project that the deceased Steve Jobs had considered as early as 2008, not long after Tesla launched its first car.

The project, however, has had its ups and downs. Later, the idea of ​​actually building a car was discarded in favor of the development of the standalone software of society. At first, some rumors revealed that more than 5,000 employees Apple were working on the Titan project.

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At the moment, however, the state of development of the project and what Apple intends to do, are a mystery.

The Cupertino company, however, has filed numerous patents for a car completely functional along with concepts of exterior design And internal. Using these materials, the Vanorama team created the first prototype of the Apple Car, showing to the public how could it be this potential Apple device should it ever see the light of day.

As you can see from the images above, it is a relatively compact design with seating for four adults. The full-length dashboard is completely digital with a deep iOS integration, obviously. Furthermore, the seats rotate inward to allow passengers to converse while the car is presumably driving.

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At the moment Apple hasn’t revealed anything yet about his electric car, so we just have to wait for some important announcement from him.