Death Stranding: Kojima confuses with a new cinematic


  • The Death Stranding movie
  • Old or new generation?

Hideo Kojima took advantage of his own profile Twitter to release a new video, focusing on the story behind the title announced at E3 2016, i.e. Death Stranding.

The Death Stranding movie

In the video posted on Twitter by Hideo Kojimalasting only thirty seconds, as soon as the screen fades from the remaining total black, a hand appears, followed by the words « Create The Rope ».

Contained in the contours of the hand, series of images focused on Death Stranding which, however, do not seem very understandable, especially considering the size of the surface that shows them.

Old or new generation?

The announcement regarding the release of the title, made during E3 2016, had encouraged players to think much earlier about the arrival of the game. PlayStation 4 however, at the moment no details have yet been released regarding the possible period expected for the arrival of Death Stranding on the market.

To reassure players, an announcement, dating back a short time, according to which the title, as well as The Last of Us II And Ghost of Tsushimait will not be intended for the next signed console Sonybut it will remain a PS4 title.

In any case, the release of a film like the one posted on Twitter by Hideo Kojimawhile not particularly helpful for interpreting the story behind the game, it would lead one to think about possible upcoming announcements.

To give credence to this last hypothesis would also be the extreme proximity ofE3 2019fixed in just two weeks, while the absence of a conference would raise doubts Sony.

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Currently, unfortunately, all that remains is to wait for the event, and to cross our fingers for the arrival of new – and clearer – information on the mysterious title!

What do you think of the video posted on Twitter by Hideo Kojima? Are you looking forward to new details about the game's plot and features?