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DAZN X is born, a new pole of innovation


DAZN X is born, a new pole of innovation

DAZN Group announces the arrival of DAZN Xa new pole of innovation that aims to bring gods interactive content, social and even more engaging on the platform. Streaming sports like you’ve never seen it before, thanks to the acquisition of the company Texel.

DAZN X, the new innovation pole for interactive contents is born

With the acquisition by Texel’s DAZN Group, an innovative video streaming company from Tel Aviv in Israel, DAZN X is born. An innovation hub that will act as a global business unit in all the markets where DAZN is present. In which all the 50 talented innovators from the Texel team, collaborating side by side with DAZN’s technology and product teams.

DAZN X will take advantage of Texel’s proprietary skills and technologies, as well as its vast experience in the sector, to bring great news to the world of streaming sports. In fact, the focus will be all on interactive and engaging contentwhich will become an integral part of the service offered to all subscribers.

Shay Segev, co-CEO of DAZN, he explains: “We want to revolutionize the experience of watching sport by making it more exciting, more social and even more engaging. The acquisition of Texel and the launch of DAZN X represent a significant acceleration of our strategy and position us as a leader in sporting innovation worldwide ”.

Amire Segev, CEO and co-founder of Texel, is in perfect harmony. “DAZN shares our vision to redefine the viewer’s experience by providing them with richer and more interactive content. We are thrilled to join the DAZN team, with whom we share the goal of innovating and reshaping the vision of sport, improving it more and more ”.

This means that DAZN subscribers will soon be able to speak, to share, play and even shop while watching live sporting events. A whole new way to enjoy DAZN’s many streaming sports, including the Italian Serie A Championship.